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Stay updated with the latest developments, breakthroughs, and trends in the EV industry, focusing on Tesla’s innovations and the evolving electric vehicle market.

Tesla FSD Supervised

Tesla Model 3 and Model S/X Get a Major Update with FSD Supervised v12.3.4...

Tesla is rolling out its Full Self-Driving (Supervised) v12.3.4 update which is a part of the 2024.3.15 release, marking a significant enhancement in the...
Model 3 Ludicrous Unveiling on April 20th

Tesla Prepares to Wow with Model 3 Ludicrous Unveiling on April 20th

Tesla is preparing to unveil a performance version of the Model 3 called the "Model 3 Ludicrous." This new variant is expected to set...
Tesla Model 3 Active Hood Deployed

Tesla Model 3 Highland’s Active Hood Springs into Action for Pedestrian Protection

The 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland continues its commitment to improve automotive safety. The Active Hood in Model 3 Highland stands out as a...
Model 3 Ludicrous HD

Tesla Media Event Teases Model 3 Ludicrous with Rumored 2.9s 0-60mph Acceleration

Tesla recently hosted an exclusive media event for the new Model 3 Ludicrous variant in Malibu, California. This event held ahead of the much-anticipated...
Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Launch

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Rumored to Launch Today

Tesla is expected to unveil a high-performance upgrade for the Model 3 Performance called Ludicrous. Recent photos of a covered Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous...
Tesla FSD Beta v12.3

All Tesla Cars in the US Capable of Full Self-Driving to Get One Month...

Tesla will offer a free one-month trial of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta to US customers. This promotion starts this week. It aims to...
2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland in US

Hacker Wins $200,000 in a Bug Bounty and a Brand-New Tesla Model 3 Twice

As Tesla leads the charge in electric vehicles and every day getting better self-drive technology, there's something that continuous attention: cybersecurity. Just like any other...
Cybertruck Wireless Charging

Tesla to Integrate Wireless Charging in Both New and Existing Cybertrucks

Tesla Cybertruck is already turning heads with its sci-fi inspired design. But this electric pickup could have another futuristic trick up its sleeve -...
Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Global Media Invitations

Tesla Begins Global Media Invitations for Model 3 Ludicrous Test Drive

Tesla is gearing up for the grand unveiling of its highly anticipated Model 3 Ludicrous edition. The electric car company has begun sending out...
Tesla $25k EV

Elon Musk Unveils Plans for $25,000 Tesla, Aiming to Outpace Chinese EV Giants

Elon Musk is all guns blazing to regain its position as the world’s number one. If you’re not aware, Tesla is no longer the...