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Tesla FSD 12.4.2 Update: Fixes Lane Changing, Intersections, Disengagements and Night Vision

Tesla has begun rolling out its latest Full Self-Driving update, version 12.4.2, to a select group of customers. This update marks a significant milestone in Tesla’s journey toward perfecting autonomous driving technology. Initial feedback from users highlights notable improvements, including the resolution of frequent lane-changing issues and enhanced vision-based monitoring, particularly at night.

Tesla FSD 12.4.2 Update

Tesla Rolls Out Major FSD 12.4.2 Update

This development is part of Tesla’s ongoing efforts to refine its FSD technology, aiming for smoother and more reliable performance. Moreover, Elon Musk has hinted at a next-generation AI model for FSD, suggesting a potential fivefold increase in parameter count, which promises further advancements in the technology.

Positive User Feedback

Among the early adopters of the FSD update is a Tesla owner identified on X as Zack, who shared his initial experiences with version 12.4.2. Zack’s feedback provides valuable insights into the real-world performance of the update. He reported a flawless first drive with the new FSD version, highlighting that the frequent lane-changing issue, a common complaint among users, has been completely resolved.

“First drive with FSD Supervised v12.4.2 went great!” Zack tweeted. “The frequent lane-changing issue is 100% fixed. The car didn’t change lanes for no reason once!” He further noted that his drive from home to the Santa Monica Supercharger, which took about 15 minutes, was entirely smooth, with zero disengagements. This feedback indicates that Tesla’s efforts to address this critical issue have been successful.

Vision-Based Monitoring

One of the standout features of the FSD 12.4.2 update is the improved vision-based attention monitoring system. This system is crucial for ensuring driver attentiveness, especially in low-light conditions. According to Zack, the previous version, 12.4.1, struggled with night-time vision, leading to frequent nagging alerts. However, the new update appears to have significantly enhanced night-time vision capabilities.

“Creeping is smoother while being as confident as before,” Zack observed. “Also, the vision-based attention monitoring can see much better at night. Before, on v12.4.1, it wouldn’t be available at night and the car would nag frequently. This drive on v12.4.2, it was available the whole drive.”

These improvements in the vision-based system are crucial for Tesla’s goal of achieving a reliable and safe autonomous driving experience. Enhanced night-time vision ensures that the system can maintain driver attentiveness and safety even in challenging lighting conditions.

Elon Musk’s Vision for the Future

In addition to the current update, Elon Musk has teased exciting prospects for the future of Tesla’s FSD technology. Musk hinted at the development of a next-generation AI model for FSD, which could feature a parameter count five times larger than the current model. This increase in parameter count suggests significant advancements in the technology’s capabilities, potentially leading to even more refined and reliable autonomous driving.

While details about the next-generation AI model remain scarce, Musk’s hints indicate that Tesla is continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in autonomous driving. A larger parameter count typically means a more sophisticated and capable AI, which could handle a wider range of driving scenarios with greater precision and safety.


Tesla’s FSD technology has always been a work in progress, with each update bringing the company closer to achieving full autonomy. The release of version 12.4.2 is a testament to Tesla’s commitment to continuous improvement. By addressing user feedback and making critical enhancements, Tesla is steadily refining its FSD system.

For Tesla owners, the prospect of a more reliable and efficient FSD system is exciting. Zack’s positive feedback and the anticipated improvements in future AI models suggest that Tesla is on the right track. As more users receive the 12.4.2 update and share their experiences, Tesla will gather valuable data to further fine-tune its autonomous driving technology.

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