Tesla Cybertruck Schematics

Cybertruck Schematics Raise Questions About Tesla’s Plans, Hint at FWD Base Variant

Schematic images of the Tesla Cybertruck's powertrain have been discovered by well-known Tesla reporter greentheonly via X. These schematics are causing quite a stir...
Tesla Model 3 Battery Replacement Warning

2021 Tesla Model 3 Issues Battery Replacement Warning After Reduced Range

Tesla has been at the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) technology, setting benchmarks in areas like range, performance, and battery longevity. However, a recent...
Tesla Intervenes to Prevent Collision

Tesla Intervenes to Prevent Collision Even Without Autopilot or FSD, Here’s How

Tesla has long been a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry, not just for its high-performance electric cars but also for its commitment to...
Tesla Model 3 Plaid Spotted

2024 Tesla Model 3 Plaid Spotted in Testing Near Palo Alto HQ

In a development that has sent ripples through the Tesla community, a 2024 Tesla Model 3 Plaid was recently spotted undergoing tests near Tesla's...
Tesla Model Y Owner Received $20,500 Repair Bill

Tesla Denies Warranty, Charges Model Y Owner $20,500 for Repair

A Tesla Model Y owner in Scotland recently received a hefty repair bill of approximately $20,502. The charge was for a battery replacement, something...
Man Tricked Tesla into Delivering 5 Cars Worth $560,000

Man Who Tricked Tesla into Delivering 5 Cars Worth $560,000 Sentenced to 4 Years...

A Vermont man has been sentenced to four years in prison for exploiting a loophole in Tesla's payment system. Michael Gonzalez managed to trick...
Tesla Model 3 Save Life Israel Crisis

Tesla Model 3 Plays Crucial Role in Saving Life Amidst Israel Crisis

In a remarkable incident that underscores the resilience of both human spirit and modern technology, a Tesla Model 3 played a pivotal role in...
Tesla Sidesteps Apple's 30% App Store Tax

Tesla’s Fleet API Hints at Upcoming App Store, Challenging Apple’s 30% Cut

In a move that has both developers and Tesla enthusiasts buzzing with excitement, Tesla has recently unveiled its new Fleet API. This API serves...
Tesla Superchargers Free in Israel

Tesla Opens Superchargers for Free in Israel Amidst Crisis

In a recent tweet, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would open all its Superchargers in Israel for free until further notice. This move comes...
Tesla Cybertruck Dogecoin

Tesla Cybertruck Could Be Available for Purchase with Dogecoin, Source Code Hints

Tesla may soon offer an unconventional payment method for its much-anticipated Cybertruck - Dogecoin. This development isn't just a rumor or speculation, it's backed...