Recalled Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017 Model Burned to Ashes

A recent incident in Sacramento, California reignited a debate about the safety of electric vehicles. Customers value the safety of the vehicle more than...
Tesla Model 3 Warning Note

Resident Unplugs Tesla Model 3 & Puts Weird Warning Note on the Car

As a consumer, whenever a battery comes in a product, the first thing that crosses our mind is whether it will blow up if...
Debunking Tesla Model Y Fire

Debunking Tesla Model Y Fire in Texas, Sentry Mode Reveals The Truth

A Tesla Model Y reportedly caught fire in late March. The incident took place in a suburban home’s garage just outside Dallas. A local...
Super long range Model Y

Super Long Range Version of Tesla Model Y Coming Soon

Tesla Model Y is one of the least selling Tesla vehicles. The Model Y comes in three range limits with a maximum range limit...

Tesla Owners Are Facing Quality Issues with 2021 Model S Refresh

The host from the Youtube channel MrExitStrategy took delivery of his 2021 Tesla Model S about a month ago. He has already started to...

DMV Examiner Purposely Failed Tesla Model 3 Driver in Driving Test

A professor who teaches at the University of California wanted to get a new driver's license due to offline classes starting again in California....
Nissan Leaf

Leaf Gets Big Price Cut, Now You Can Get 2022 Nissan Leaf Under $20k

The Nissan LEAF is currently the most affordable EV in the US. This title previously belonged to MINI Electric. Nissan has slashed the prices...
Tesla Megapack

Tesla Megapack Battery Unit Burst into Flames During Testing

A Tesla Megapack caught fire at an upcoming power project in Australia during testing. The Tesla Megapack is the largest battery pack offered by...

Tesla Model 3 Crashes Into Pole While Using ‘Smart Summon’ Feature

David Alford from Fresno, California witnessed his Tesla crash into a pole while using the Smart Summon feature. He was showing this feature to...
Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai’s Another Electric Car and Hydrogen Fuel Car Arrived In India

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric car was on display at the inauguration of Hyundai's India headquarters in Gurgaon. Ioniq is Hyundai's subbrand specializing in...