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Following Criticism, Tesla Improves Cybertruck’s Frunk Sensing to Safeguard Against Closing on Soft Objects Like Hands and Bananas

Tesla has long been synonymous with innovation, and their latest software update for the Cybertruck, version 2024.14.3, underscores this reputation. This spring update not only enhances vehicle performance but also introduces features that heighten both utility and entertainment, a reflection of Tesla’s commitment to continuous improvement through software.

Tesla Cybertruck Frunk Sensing

Tesla Improves Cybertruck’s Frunk Sensing So It Won’t Close on Soft Objects Like a Banana

A standout feature in this update is the improved frunk (front trunk) obstacle detection. Tesla has fine-tuned the sensitivity of the frunk’s closing mechanism to detect even soft objects such as a banana. This enhancement is particularly noteworthy because it showcases Tesla’s dedication to safety and user-friendliness. Vehicle owners can now feel more assured that the frunk will halt its closing motion at the slightest detection of an obstacle, preventing potential damage to the vehicle or harm to the surroundings.

Other Features from Spring Update

Comprehensive Off-Road Capabilities

For adventurers, the Cybertruck now comes equipped with an Off-Road Mode that includes terrain options in Baja Mode, locking differentials, and Trail Assist. These features are designed to optimize the Cybertruck’s performance in various rugged landscapes, making it a formidable contender in the off-road vehicle category.

Convenience and Comfort Upgrades

Tesla has also focused on enhancing comfort and convenience with this update. The Cybertruck now features adjustments for ride and handling with a load, an innovative CyberTent Mode for camping enthusiasts, and new controls for wipers and the front passenger air vent. Moreover, the addition of a Cabin Overheat Protection feature ensures the inside temperature remains controlled, enhancing passenger comfort during hot weather.

CyberTent Mode

Entertainment and Utility Features

Entertainment options have also received a boost. Updates to Spotify allow for better queue management and playback synchronization, ensuring a seamless audio experience. Gamers will appreciate updated versions of Beach Buggy Racing 2 and new additions like Vampire Survivor and Polytopia, which are sure to make long trips more enjoyable.

The software also includes practical enhancements such as a full-screen browser when parked, customizable scroll wheel functions, and improved functionality of the rear screen, which now turns off if no passengers are in the back seats.

Safety and Security Enhancements

Security is a priority in this update, with improvements in Sentry Mode, including the ability to preview recordings and a new feature that emits a chime near speed cameras. The update also introduces new lock sounds, a feature that contributes to a heightened sense of security.

Final Thoughts

The comprehensive nature of Tesla’s 2024.14.3 software update for the Cybertruck is impressive. It not only enhances the vehicle’s core functionalities but also introduces new features that make owning a Tesla an increasingly attractive proposition. The improved frunk obstacle detection is particularly emblematic of Tesla’s innovative spirit—turning everyday functionality into a sophisticated, high-tech feature.

As Tesla continues to refine its vehicle offerings through software updates, it sets a high standard for what consumers can expect from their vehicles—not just in terms of performance and safety, but also in overall user experience. This approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also pushes the automotive industry forward, challenging other manufacturers to integrate similar advancements into their vehicles.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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