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Stay updated with the latest developments, breakthroughs, and trends in the EV industry, focusing on Tesla’s innovations and the evolving electric vehicle market.

Xpeng P7 Vs Tesla Model 3

Xpeng P7 vs Tesla Model 3: A Comparison Between Two Electric Giants

As Xpeng makes its bold expansion into the European market, the sleek saloon, the Xpeng P7, and the new G9 SUV take center stage....
BYD Dolphin Electric Car

BYD Dolphin Hatchback: This Could Be A Threat To Tesla’s Upcoming $25000 Car

Build Your Dreams or BYD is a Chinese automotive giant. It is making huge strides in electric mobility. The company has launched several vehicles...

Ford Unveils 1400-HP Mustang Mach-E, SUV with Seven Electric Motors

The Ford Mustang Mach-E was introduced last year in November, It is an electric crossover SUV, because what the world needs is another SUV....
BMW iX Electric SUV

BMW iX Electric SUV Unveiled, Set To Take On Tesla Model X

BMW launched its fully-electric SUV yesterday, named as the iX. The highly-anticipated model, which was introduced as the iNEXT concept, has been renamed for...
Tesla FSD

Tesla Owners Receive Critical FSD Beta Update With Important Enhancements

One of the coolest features of a Tesla is the built-in self-driving system. With it, you can toggle between self-driving and manual mode, and...
Tesla Model S 1210 KM

Tesla Model S Goes 1210 KM on a Single Charge with ONE Battery Upgrade

Tesla Model S can go as much as 752 miles on a single charge with only one battery replacement. A Michigan startup, Our Next...

Tesla Announces “Limited” FSD Release, For People Who Are Expert & Careful Drivers

A few days ago, it was reported that Tesla will be launching the beta version of its new full self-driving (FSD) suite in a...
Tesla To Retire Iconic "Skateboard" Design

Tesla To Retire Iconic “Skateboard” Design In Favor Of New Structural Battery Design

Tesla has decided to retire its iconic "skateboard" design of the vehicles, in favor of the new structured battery pack design. The skateboard concept...

Tesla Increases Range Of Model 3, Model Y & Model S Performance

Tesla has announced today that its existing Model S Performance and Model Y will get a range boost. The new Model 3 2021 was...

Hacker Came Up With New “Module” To Bypass Tesla Warning And Unlock Paid Performance...

A few days ago, a Tesla owner had taken to Reddit to show that his Tesla Model 3 had received a warning notification from...