Tesla Profit Margin 2023

Tesla Profit Margin 2023: Record Breaking $9,574 Net Profit Per Car

Tesla, the American electric vehicle and most favored car brand has emerged as the uncontested leader in the realm of electric vehicles, commanding a...
Tesla Cybertruck Finance

Financial Experts at Jefferies Advise Tesla to Drop the Cybertruck Ahead of Delivery Event

The market is flooded with the Cybertruck arrival and there are many comments and opinions rising from all directions. However, the Financial Experts at...
Rivian R1T Owner Review

Rivian R1T 24,000-Mile Owner Review: Rivian Bought It Back at Full Price After 15...

The Rivian R1T has emerged as a groundbreaking player in the pickup truck segment. As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, the R1T stands...
Tesla Model 2

Tesla Model 2 Revealed: Guide to Latest News, Specs, Design, Price and Features

While the Cybertruck gets a lot of attention, Tesla is also working on something big in the background. The Tesla Model 2, and it's...
Gas vs Electric Car Cost per Mile

Recent Study Claims EVs ‘Won’t Achieve’ Promised Climate and Cost Advantages

A recent publication from the Manhattan Institute critically examines the widely propagated environmental and economic advantages associated with electric vehicles, a narrative that has...
Xiaomi SU7 Front

Xiaomi SU7 Debuts: Electric Sedan Set to Rival Tesla Model 3 in Power and...

Xiaomi has recently made a significant leap into the electric vehicle market. This strategic move marks a bold diversification for Xiaomi, aligning with the...
Tesla Model 2 AI

AI Crafts a Stunning Look of Tesla Model 2 Based on Latest Leaked Details

We turned to AI with a unique request: to conceptualize the much-anticipated Tesla Model 2. The objective was to harness the power of machine...

Why Is Toyota Hitting the Brakes on the EV Revolution? Here’s the Inside Track

Toyota has recently faced scrutiny from environmentalist groups for its measured approach towards fully electric vehicles. The company, however, holds steadfast to the belief...
Kia EV2

Kia EV2 Could Disrupt Tesla Model 2’s Dominance in the Affordable $25,000 EV Market

Kia has been making significant strides in the EV market with various models catering to different segments. The company has recently fast-tracked its plans...
2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland in US

Study Reveals Owning an EV Equals $17.33 per Gallon in Energy Costs

In a recent research report by the Texas Public Policy Foundation titled "Overcharged Expectations," it is argued that electric vehicles would incur a cost...