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Tesla’s Newest Feature Opens Your Trunk Hands-Free Just Stand and It Opens

Tesla’s innovation streak remains robust as it rolls out its latest feature: the “Hands-Free Trunk,” designed to enhance convenience for its users. This touchless trunk opening technology is part of Tesla’s Spring Update (2024.14) and is specifically available for newer models equipped with Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology.

Tesla Hands-Free Trunk

Tesla Introduces “Hands-Free Trunk” Feature in Latest Spring Update

The Hands-Free Trunk feature allows Tesla owners to open their trunk without any physical interaction. Users simply stand behind their vehicle with their Phone Key, and after detecting the key and hearing a series of chimes, the trunk will automatically open. This feature is perfect for those moments when your hands are full, and you can’t reach for your keys or touch the trunk.

Compatibility and Requirements

The new feature will be available on Model S and Model X vehicles from 2021 onwards, as well as the new Model 3 from 2024. To activate the Hands-Free Trunk, Tesla owners need to adjust their vehicle settings by navigating to Vehicle Settings > Locks > Hands-Free Trunk.

It is important to ensure that the Phone Key is unobstructed and that the smartphone settings allow for Nearby Interactions with the Tesla app. For iPhone users, the vehicle’s system requires an iPhone 11 or later and Tesla app version 4.31.0 or higher. Tesla has announced plans to extend this convenient feature to Android users in a forthcoming update, broadening the accessibility of this technology.

Safety and Usage Guidelines

Tesla advises users to keep the area around the trunk clear of people and clothing to avoid any interference with the trunk’s motion. Safety and simplicity are paramount with this feature, aiming to streamline the user experience while enhancing functionality.

Future Prospects

This update not only underscores Tesla’s commitment to innovative, user-friendly technology but also highlights its foresight in integrating advanced hardware like UWB in its vehicles, which paves the way for more sophisticated features and improvements in the future.

Tesla owners can look forward to a blend of convenience and technology that continues to evolve, making their everyday vehicle interactions smoother and more enjoyable. As Tesla gears up to extend these capabilities to Android devices, the anticipation grows among its diverse user base eager to experience the next level of automotive convenience.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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