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Tesla Secretly Reaches Out to Early Cybertruck Owners for Electric Motor Replacement

Not even a year has passed since the first Cybertruck delivery and Tesla will be replacing the motors from the earliest Cybertrucks.

According to recent reports, Tesla is doing so rather softly without making a big fuss. Cybertrucks have been in customers’ hands for not even a year yet but they already need new motors.

What could be the reason behind the change? Could there be a crucial issue with the early version that Tesla is covering up or it indeed is it just to update? Here’s everything we know so far.

Tesla Electric Motor Replacement
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Tesla to Replace Cybertruck Motors

Tesla has started sending text messages to selected early owners to be aware of the replacement at their next service visit. The Cybertruck, which has at least two motors, will get these updates to improve its performance and reliability.

Brian Basson shared a post on X that shows exactly what Tesla is messaging the owners.

The update doesn’t mean that the Cybertruck with older motors is unsafe according to Tesla. The automaker reassured the early owners that this update was to study some of the early ones and all of them were safe to drive.

Replace, Not Recall

Tesla only told some early Cybertruck owners that one of their electric motors would be replaced at the next service visit. The reason they said is to improve efficiency and reliability and that is why they are not calling it a recall.

The voluntary upgrade from the older to the newer motor could be to fix an issue. There is no official recall, but people think Tesla is fixing a minor issue like replacing it due to noise complaints.

Is the Cybertruck a Problem Magnet?

Cybertruck is famous for being the problem’s favorite when it comes to the issues with the truck. There are numerous problems associated with the pickup from the start.

Early owners have faced many issues, including sunken “frunks,” and stuck pedals that even led to a recall. We saw failing brakes, broken windshield wipers, and other issues.

Despite these numerous problems, motor issues were never prominently reported until now. There’s still a lot we don’t know about Tesla’s recent motor replacement offer. It’s unclear if the front or rear motors will be replaced or how many owners have been contacted.

Why is Tesla Replacing the Motors?

Tesla’s call to replace the motor in early Cybertrucks is filled with irony. The automaker claims this move is part of a study on early Cybertrucks, offering select owners a free upgrade to a drive unit with “improved efficiency and reliability.” Interestingly, Tesla hasn’t specified whether it’s about the front or rear motor replacement.

Tesla Cybertruck Steering System Lag Raises Safety Concerns in Latest Trials

It becomes confusing as Tesla says the truck is fine without the replacement as well. Because they clearly mention that they are just improving it with the replacement. Deliveries of the Cybertruck started just last year, and while most automakers wait for a new model year to make changes, Tesla implements updates as soon as they’re ready.


Tesla is quietly replacing motors in the earliest Cybertrucks saying the new motors are more efficient and reliable. This move, described as a study, is happening without much publicity. Despite other issues like sunken “frunks” and stuck pedals, motor problems hadn’t been reported until now. This raises questions about the real reasons behind the motor swap. Only time will tell.

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