Tesla tries to lure the public by false advertisements with their Cybertruck

Tesla launched its own electric pickup truck called the Cybertruck in November 2019. Elon Musk presided over its launch. He listed Cybertruck's features and...

Mercedes launches All-New EQ Series, G-Wagon And Maybach Go Electric

Mercedes has recently entered the electric vehicle industry with its all-new EQ series. The company has built the EQ series from the ground up...
Tesla New Full Self-Driving First Reactions

Tesla Rolls Out the Anticipated Full Self Driving Button & AI in Tesla Insurance

Recently, Tesla released its Full Self Driving Feature to early buyers of the feature. This feature is the most advanced Tesla algorithm that helps...

The All New Audi Q4 E-Tron Electric SUV Is Ready For Showtime

The world is heading towards an electric future with hybrid and battery electric vehicles. New companies are popping up which manufacture electric vehicles such...

Lucid Officially Breaks EV Range Record With its Dream Edition Air

The Lucid Air Dream Edition R will be starting deliveries in late 2021. Currently, it is undergoing numerous performance and quality control tests. Buyers...

Tesla Model S Plaid Breaks World Record At Nurburgring

Tesla revamped the Model S Plaid in 2021. The new upgrade boasts an all-new steering wheel with an exciting design. This and a slew...

Upcoming Tesla Cars to Use Lasers as Windshield Wipers

Tesla always is the hub of turning crazy futuristic ideas into life. May it be autopilot driving, having a doge mode in a car,...

Recalled Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017 Model Burned to Ashes

A recent incident in Sacramento, California reignited a debate about the safety of electric vehicles. Customers value the safety of the vehicle more than...
Tesla Model 3 Warning Note

Resident Unplugs Tesla Model 3 & Puts Weird Warning Note on the Car

As a consumer, whenever a battery comes in a product, the first thing that crosses our mind is whether it will blow up if...
Debunking Tesla Model Y Fire

Debunking Tesla Model Y Fire in Texas, Sentry Mode Reveals The Truth

A Tesla Model Y reportedly caught fire in late March. The incident took place in a suburban home’s garage just outside Dallas. A local...