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Stay updated with the latest developments, breakthroughs, and trends in the EV industry, focusing on Tesla’s innovations and the evolving electric vehicle market.

Tesla’s Autopilot Training Prioritizes Musk’s Driving Data, VIP Drivers at the Forefront

According to the latest insider’s info, the self-driving software solely relies on Elon Musk and some VIP influencers. These VIP drivers including Musk are...

Tesla Secretly Reaches Out to Early Cybertruck Owners for Electric Motor Replacement

Not even a year has passed since the first Cybertruck delivery and Tesla will be replacing the motors from the earliest Cybertrucks. According to recent...
Tesla Model Y Juniper Spotted

Tesla Model Y Juniper Spotted for the First Time

Tesla enthusiasts have something new to buzz about: the first sighting of the much-anticipated Tesla Model Y Juniper. This development adds a new layer...
Tesla FSD v12.4.3

Tesla Rolls Out FSD v12.4.3 Update: Users Praise Smooth and Confident Performance

Tesla has officially rolled out its latest Full Self-Driving update, version 12.4.3, to a limited number of vehicles in the US and Canada. This...
Tesla Model 3 Robotaxi Testing

Tesla Model 3 Robotaxi Prototype Spotted Again Without Side Mirrors and With Additional Cameras

Tesla enthusiasts and observers have been buzzing with excitement and speculation. Recently, a Tesla Model 3 prototype was spotted without side mirrors and featuring...
Tesla Model 3 Quicksilver

Tesla Launches Quicksilver Model 3

Tesla has introduced a striking new Quicksilver color option for the Model 3, now available in Europe, the Middle East, and select regions in...
Tesla Cybertruck Flips Over

Tesla Cybertruck Flips Over in High-Speed Turn Resulting in Dramatic Crash

A Tesla Cybertruck was involved in a dramatic accident in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The incident occurred on Mission 66, right in front of the Chamber...
Tesla Robotaxi China Reveal

Tesla to Launch FSD Ride-Hailing Service Featuring CyberCab and Existing S3XY Cars on August...

Tesla is gearing up to revolutionize the transportation sector with its new autonomous ride-hailing service, expected to be unveiled on August 8th. The highly...
Cybertruck Steering Lag

Tesla Cybertruck Steering System Lag Raises Safety Concerns in Latest Trials

Tesla Cybertruck is indeed a polarizing electric truck with no other vehicle matching up to its crazy fan-following. The uniqueness extends beyond its robust...
Fk Elon Tesla Cybertrucks Florida

“F**k Elon” Scrawled Across Dozens of Tesla Cybertrucks in Florida

In a shocking incident, over two dozen Tesla Cybertrucks were vandalized in a Florida parking lot. All of these EV trucks had the phrase...