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Cybertruck Frunk Crushes Creators Finger Even After Claiming Update Fixed The Frunk

When Tesla first gave a glimpse of the Cybertruck, the attraction rose to another level of crazy. Instantly. However, not all went smoothly with its production and actual deliveries to its long-awaited owners. The automaker is doing all it can to make sure the EV truck does justice to its huge build-up of expectations.

The latest spring update comes with many such enhancements and features that will heighten the utility and entertainment. But, turns out the update is not as effective as it was supposed to be. This X user tried testing the updated version with a few things including his own finger.

It is quite clear from the title of the post that he got his finger crushed testing the updated sensing of the objects by the Cybertruck frunk. Find out in this post what really happened to him.

Cybertruck Frunk Crushes Creators Finger

Spring Update Pinch Protection Software

The recent spring software update from Elon Musk came with numerous updates and fixes for Cybertruck. We covered it in detail in our last post here.

Following Criticism, Tesla Improves Cybertruck’s Frunk Sensing to Safeguard Against Closing on Soft Objects Like Hands and Bananas

We’re all familiar with the safety feature in power windows that stops them from closing if something gets in the way. Saving many little fingers from harm. But not all moving parts in cars are as safe. Soft-close doors are tricky to make safe, and some vehicles, like electric ones, have powered frunks (front trunks) that can be risky too.

The Cybertruck’s frunk became a topic of concern when people tested it with carrots and found it didn’t have the best safety measures.

Instead of using advanced sensors, it relies on resistance sensors that cannot detect dangers well. This even sparked an ongoing debate online between Tesla fans and worried parents. Thankfully, Tesla engineers listened and released a pinch-protection update that made the frunk better at sensing obstacles just before closing.

But is it really any better? Well maybe and maybe not.

The Cybertruck Frunk Goes Bananas

Some people go to extreme lengths to test new features on vehicles, even if it means risking their own safety. That’s what happened when Jeremy Judkins decided to check out the latest update for the Cybertruck’s frunk, focusing on its improved sensors to prevent accidents.

He started by testing with fruits, first a banana and then a carrot to see if the sensors were more sensitive. Nothing happened to the banana but Cybertruck chomped on the thinner fruit, the carrot. Then, he tried with his forearm and later his hand, which finally left a much visible mark.

Despite the warning signs, Judkins went ahead and tested with his finger. Thankfully he did not suffer an injury.

The frunk closed with too much force, causing him some serious visible pain. He later even shared a video where he’s seen shivering after the impact. It’s a reminder that safety should always come first if you’re way too much in love with a Cybertruck.


The Cybertruck has been the talk of the town since before its release, with delays and excitement building up anticipation. But once it hit the streets, issues started popping up.

While Judkins wasn’t badly hurt during the test, he thinks Tesla’s pinch prevention software still needs improvements. We agree. Despite the latest updates aimed at improving the EV truck, there’s a definite cautionary note: don’t test the frunk sensor with your finger.

Let’s wait for the Frunk to learn better about little soft things like your fingers!!!

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