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Watch How the Cybertruck’s Air Suspension Automatically Levels with a Heavy Load

Everyone questioned what all this Tesla beast could do that matched a regular truck. In the world of massively growing EVs, the Cybertruck is continually turning heads with its promise of power and practicality.

For one owner, making the switch from his Model Y and Model X Plaid to the Cybertruck opened up a whole new world of possibilities for him. People wanted to see if the Cybertruck could handle tough tasks, like towing and hauling, as well as traditional trucks.

What this user manages to do with his Cybertruck is impressive and is all centered around the Cybertruck’s air suspension system. Turns out it’s more than just a regular pickup.

Cybertruck's Air Suspension Automatically Levels with a Heavy Load

Cybertruck Does Better Than An Average Pickup?

Zeke from an online forum shared what all he could get done with the help of his Cybertruck to work on his orchard project. This Cybertruck owner’s story is all about making the most of his Cybertruck for a wide range of tasks.

After using other Tesla EVs like the Model Y and Model X Plaid and waiting for four years for Cybertruck, he was finally able to put the Cybertruck to work. And boy, did it deliver!

From hauling a hefty 330-gallon water tote for their orchard to carting around 3 yards of manure compost, this truck handled it all without breaking a sweat.

But it didn’t stop there. He spent months spreading wood chips, moving soil, and making sure everything was just right. The trusty Cybertruck helped him get it all done.

The thread shows pictures and videos of how he hauled materials, powered a sawmill with its electric motor, and even ran a log splitter and chainsaw. All with his Cybertruck. He discovered that all three machines could run smoothly at the same time without any issues, but he was unsure if he pushed the motors too hard, the breaker would trip.

Why not power from the house you may wonder but what is the fun in that? No, he would need many heavy-duty extensions to pull something like that. He plans to further test the capabilities by going deeper into the forest and using his machines with his truck.

Cybertruck Air Suspension

The highlight of the thread is the video where the Cybertruck’s air suspension is in action. The Cybertruck effortlessly self-levels when the owner dumps manure on the truck’s bed. If you haven’t seen it yet we recommend you to have a look right now.

The owner mentions that he should have hired a dump trailer for the job but Cybertruck helped him better.

One user comments on the post saying how the Cybertruck proves its capabilities. The words are a clear thumbs-up to the Cybertruck’s abilities, especially its air suspension system. After putting the Cybertruck through hefty loads and tackling tough terrain—the user is convinced it’s the real deal.


People wondered if Cybertruck could handle tough jobs like towing and hauling, just like regular trucks. Well, this Owner’s experience showed it can.

Thanks to the Cybertruck’s air suspension system, it tackled heavy loads with sheer ease. It’s almost surreal to watch it happening in action. From hauling water for an orchard to powering forestry equipment, it proved its worth. And as the owner plans more adventures, we will look out for more such news.

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Purnima Rathi
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