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Tesla Rolls Out FSD v12.4.3 Update: Users Praise Smooth and Confident Performance

Tesla has officially rolled out its latest Full Self-Driving update, version 12.4.3, to a limited number of vehicles in the US and Canada. This update has garnered considerable attention and praise from early users, who have noted significant improvements in the system’s performance. The rollout is part of Tesla’s continuous efforts to refine its autonomous driving technology, aiming for a seamless and reliable driving experience.

Tesla FSD v12.4.3

Tesla FSD v12.4.3 Initial Impressions

Early feedback from Tesla owners testing the FSD v12.4.3 update has been overwhelmingly positive. Users have highlighted the system’s enhanced smoothness and confidence, with many reporting zero interventions during their drives. One enthusiastic user shared their experience on social media, stating, “Haven’t had any interventions at all yet on FSD 12.4.3. All zero intervention drives.” This sentiment was echoed by another user who praised the system’s auto speed control, though they noted it could still use some fine-tuning.

The lack of interventions is a significant milestone, as it indicates the system’s improved ability to handle various driving scenarios without requiring human input. Users have also noted the absence of the “wheel nag,” a feature that previously prompted drivers to keep their hands on the wheel, which contributes to a more relaxed and confident driving experience.

Key Improvements

The FSD v12.4.3 update has introduced several key improvements that enhance the overall driving experience. Users have reported that the system now handles stop signs and intersections more smoothly, minimizing hesitation and making for a more natural driving feel. One user described their experience, saying, “FSD 12.4.3 is INCREDIBLE. I just had two totally intervention-free, hands-free drives. It is SO smooth, hesitation is non-existent, totally confident. I literally don’t have a single complaint or criticism.”

Another significant enhancement is the system’s improved vision-based attention monitoring, which has been a critical feature for ensuring driver attentiveness. Users have noted that the night vision capabilities of the system have seen marked improvements, allowing for better performance in low-light conditions.

Areas for Improvement

Despite the positive feedback, some users have pointed out areas where the FSD v12.4.3 update could still improve. There are concerns about the system’s reliance on map data and GPS for optimal performance. This dependency means that in areas with outdated or incorrect map data, the system may not perform as reliably. Additionally, some users have mentioned that the system is not yet ready for full autonomy in all scenarios.

One user highlighted the system’s limitations in handling unique situations, such as security gates, toll plazas, and construction zones. “As supervised FSD goes, it can’t get much better. But to be unsupervised, it would need to recognize the security gates/arms that stop you at certain points as it still will plow right through them without stopping. It also isn’t compatible with toll plazas, construction zones, or any other unique situation that it hasn’t been trained to handle.”

Looking Ahead

Tesla’s FSD v12.4.3 update represents a significant step forward in the company’s pursuit of fully autonomous driving. The positive feedback from early users suggests that Tesla is making substantial progress in refining its autonomous driving technology. However, the concerns raised by some users indicate that there is still work to be done before the system can be considered ready for full autonomy in all driving scenarios.

Elon Musk and the Tesla team remain committed to continuous improvement, with future updates likely to address the current limitations and further enhance the system’s capabilities. The ongoing rollout of FSD v12.4.3 to more vehicles will provide valuable data and feedback, helping Tesla to fine-tune the technology and move closer to their goal of creating a fully autonomous driving experience.

Tesla FSD v12.4.3 update has made significant strides in improving the performance and reliability of the system. With enhancements in smoothness, confidence, and vision-based monitoring, Tesla is edging closer to achieving its vision of fully autonomous driving. As the rollout continues and more users share their experiences, it will be interesting to see how the technology evolves and what future updates will bring. For now, Tesla owners and enthusiasts can look forward to a more refined and enjoyable driving experience with the latest FSD update.

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