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Watch Tesla’s New FSD Impressively Navigate from Underground Garage to Home in a 50-Minute Drive After Toronto FC Game

Tesla may be talked about more for Elon Musk’s eccentric statements and tweets but their tech is becoming cult-like revolution.

A Tesla owner recently took to X to share an incredible experience that caught the attention of tech and EV lovers alike. He recounted how his Tesla’s FSD feature managed a whole trip from an underground garage to his home after a Toronto FC game, lasting about 50 minutes.

This journey back home wasn’t just about getting from A to B for him but how effortlessly autonomous driving is doing the job for him. The highlight of the drive is when his Tesla takes the exit from the underground parking lot.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details about how Tesla FSD can do all that effortlessly.

Tesla FSD Garage

Tesla Model 3 Drives Off To Home Safely On Its Own

Chansoo Byeon shared a rather interesting video of his Model 3 driving itself to his home after enjoying a Toronto FC game. The journey started with the Tesla getting out of a tight underground parking garage, something usually a person would do.

Then, it went into Liberty Village, where it faced lots of cars and traffic at night. Next up was a super narrow and jam-packed road, where you might think a human would need to take over. But Tesla kept going confidently, showing it can handle tough situations.

One of the highlight moments was when a truck suddenly cut in front of the Tesla. The FSD system quickly reacted, avoiding a crash and keeping the journey going smoothly.

When the Tesla got onto the highway, it smoothly joined the flowing traffic. Even when the road got complicated with lots of exits and turns, the FSD system guided the EV through without any trouble.

As the journey comes to its end, the Tesla easily takes the right exit off the highway, wrapping up the incredible self-drive trip. Byeon calls the trip to be crazy insane but in a good way.

He even says in a comment that FSD is going to save lives. He answers numerous comments on his tweet’s thread explaining his experience with FSD.

How The New FSD Update Different?

Tesla’s FSD v12 has been a big deal for Tesla because it’s making a major change. Instead of using traditional computer code to control how the EV drives, it’s now relying on a new system called a neural network.

This new version is getting rid of a ton of old code, around 300,000 lines of it. This code used to control important things like steering and braking. But now, the Tesla would learn from real driving situations instead.

Tesla has been doing a lot with its FSD (Supervised) system lately. They would call it beta version before but now are using the term “Supervised”. They’ve even made it cheaper for people who want to subscribe to it or buy it as an add-on for their Tesla. Elon Musk even shared that Tesla will be launching its Robotaxi platform in August.

FSD, or Full Self-Driving, is really important for Tesla to stay on the top of electric automakers mountain. Elon Musk even talked about it in the recent investors meeting. He said they’re doing things right with their way of using cameras and stuff to make FSD work.

Musk suggested that about 900,000 people are using FSD already. And more people might start sooner than you’d expect. Especially if Tesla manages to bring FSD to China.

Want to see what FSD can do? Do check out the 15-minute video shared by Chansoo Byeon on X. He had earlier shared a bunch of videos of his ordeal with FSD explaining the better-performing self-drive on his six-year-old Model 3.


The video shared by the Tesla owner on X shows just how amazing Tesla’s FSD feature is. From navigating out of a tight underground parking lot to smoothly handling busy streets and tricky roads. Tesla FSD does a great job and proves to be a game-changer for self-driving cars. What do you think?

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Purnima Rathi
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