Purnima Rathi

Purnima has a strong love for EVs. Whether it's classic cars or modern performance vehicles, she likes to write about anything with four wheels, especially if there's a cool story behind it.


Purnima Rathi is a skilled writer and senior editor who knows a great deal about electric cars, largely focusing on Tesla. She writes detailed and useful stories about electric vehicles.

Purnima has been working in the car industry for more than four years. During this time, she has written for many publications and learned a lot about electric cars. She’s good at looking at information, reporting on it, and figuring out strategies in the electric vehicle world.


EV Industry Insight

Purnima possesses an in-depth understanding of the electric vehicle landscape, encompassing industry trends, technological advancements, regulatory shifts, and market dynamics.

Tesla Specialis

Recognized as a go-to expert for all things Tesla, Purnima Rathi provides nuanced perspectives on breaking news, and comprehensive analyses of Tesla’s strategies, product launches, and financial developments.

Strategic Analysis

A strategic thinker, Purnima excels in dissecting complex scenarios within the EV sector, offering valuable insights into leading EV vehicle market positioning, competitive landscapes, and the broader impact of external factors.


Purnima Rathi has made significant contributions to the discourse on electric vehicles, shaping industry discussions through thought-provoking insights. Her articles, opinion pieces, and vehicle reviews have been prominently featured in leading publications, establishing her as a respected voice in the field.

Featured Work

Purnima’s work is making a big impact, reaching several media outlets and several thousands of readers worldwide. She’s been recognized by important places like DotSense Media, Techmorereview, and AGlobalSEO. Purnima’s writing aims to connect readers with the latest in electric vehicles.

As an experienced professional, Purnima is helping the sustainability field grow and change for the better. She challenges old ways of thinking and turns the idea of being environmentally friendly into an exciting opportunity for positive change. With over four years of experience in the writing world and more than two years as an EV journalist, Purnima is making a real difference in the exciting world of EVs.

Purnima actively engages with the EV community through social media, participating in industry forums, events, and reviews. Her online presence fosters discussions, and she shares her expertise to contribute to the ongoing dialogue in the electric vehicle sector.

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