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Tesla Upgrades Autopark and Introduces High Fidelity Park Assist for USS-Equipped Cars

Tesla has introduced significant upgrades to its parking technology in the latest software rollout, version 2024.3.25. This new version enhances the Full Self-Driving features for cars with ultrasonic sensors (USS). The update includes improved Autopark and Vision-based Park Assist, which are part of FSD v12.3.6. These features aim to make parking easier and more efficient for Tesla owners.

Tesla Autopark and High Fidelity Park Assist

Tesla High Fidelity Park Assist and New Autopark

The updated Autopark feature now works with Teslas that have ultrasonic sensors (USS). It helps drivers find parking spots at low speeds and guides them into these spaces. This new version of Autopark is more accurate and reliable than earlier versions, making parking easier for drivers.

The High Fidelity Park Assist feature, first introduced in last year’s Holiday Update, now includes a detailed 3D view of the area around the car. Initially, this feature was only available for Tesla cars using Tesla Vision (without USS). Now, it’s also available for models with ultrasonic sensors (USS), but only if they have the new AMD Ryzen chip. This upgrade offers a better visual parking help, but it does not use USS for measuring distances anymore, relying only on the visuals to assist drivers.

It’s worth noting that the rollout of these features is currently limited to vehicles with the latest infotainment hardware and is primarily available in the U.S. and Canada. Tesla’s approach highlights its ongoing commitment to improving functionality through software updates while also pushing the envelope on the capabilities of its vision-based technology.


Tesla is focused on improving the user experience and the autonomy of its vehicles by regularly updating its software. This approach keeps customers interested and helps Tesla stay ahead in the electric vehicle market.

The new parking features are a big step forward for Tesla, using advanced technology to make driving easier. As Tesla keeps introducing new innovations, it will be interesting to see how these developments affect autonomous driving and how cars interact in city settings.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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