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Tesla Model S sets high standards in EV luxury and performance, featuring exceptional range and advanced technology.

Tesla Model S Crash

Tesla Model S Driver Crashes Through House on New Year’s Day

In a startling incident that shook a quiet residential neighborhood, a 24-year-old driver lost control of his Tesla Model S, resulting in the vehicle...
Tesla Model S Maintenance

Tesla Model S Zero Maintenance 237K-Mile Journey: Battery, Motor Performance, and More

In the realm of motorsports, few names evoke the blend of skill and experience quite like Piero Longhi. Known for his prowess in rally...
Tesla 236,000 Miles Zero Maintenance

Tesla Owner Completes 236,000 Miles in 6 Years With Zero Maintenance

In the world of motorsport, few names resonate with the legacy and expertise of Piero Longhi, a celebrated figure in Italian rally driving. With...

Tesla Model S vs Jaguar I-Pace Comparison- Which is Better

Tesla has dominated the premium EV space for almost a decade with the likes of Model S. Tesla has taken the automotive world by...