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Tesla Introduces Lunar Silver Paint Option for Model S and X Across the Globe

The news was already making rounds that Tesla is working on a new silver color. Putting a stop to all the rumors Tesla officially added a new paint color called Lunar Silver for its Model S flagship sedan and Model X SUV. Here are all the details we have on the new Tesla colors.

Tesla Lunar Silver Paint

Tesla Lunar Silver Paint Cost and Comparison

The official Tesla website calls for the silver color to have a clear silver color with tints of metallic and subtle blue effects. The Lunar Silver is going to cost $2,500 for Model S and Model X owners.

One can easily make out how the latest one is a bit shinier than the older Model 3 silver option. However, Lunar Silver on the Model S and Model X isn’t as deep as the Quicksilver paint on the Model Y from Tesla’s Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai factories.

Nic Cruz Patane shared a comparison picture on X where one can easily see the difference in both silvers. Quicksilver is more of a liquid chrome in deep hues and Lunar Silver looks more silverish like ice.

Quicksilver’s richer color comes from advanced paint technology that apparently uses as many as 13 layers of paint. According to the latest reports the silver color might also be used at the Giga Texas factory soon. There were some inventory Model Y units that were seen in the same deep silver body paint.

The lighter look of Lunar Silver could be due to the paint shop at Tesla’s Fremont Factory which is not as effective as the Berlin and Shangai ones. Quicksilver costs more at $2,800, while Lunar Silver is cheaper at $2,500 in the U.S.


Looks like the new Lunar Silver color is part of Tesla’s reintroducing silver options. It’s evident as seen with the Model Y’s Quicksilver, the Cybertruck’s bare silver finish, and now Lunar Silver for the Model S and Model X.

Tesla fans are excited about the return of silver, and there’s hope that Lunar Silver will also be available for the new Model 3 line-up as well. What do you think of the new shiny silver?

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