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Tesla $25000 EV

Elon Musk and Franz Subtly Confirm Tesla’s $25,000 Electric Car Project

The electric vehicle industry is abuzz with the ongoing saga of Tesla's much-anticipated $25,000 electric car. Amidst conflicting reports and statements from Tesla's top...
Tesla FSD Emergency

Tesla Model Y’s Full Self-Driving Brings Heart Attack Victim to Hospital

A Tesla Model Y equipped with the latest Full Self-Driving (FSD) V12 software successfully drives a heart attack victim to the hospital. The car...
2018 Autopilot Crash

Cash Settlement Concludes Tesla’s Five-Year Legal Dispute Over 2018 Autopilot Death

The lawsuit that got Tesla on edge and continuously on defense finally came to an end. The Apple engineer Walter Huang who lost his...
Tesla Model S Plaid bucket seats

Tesla Launches New Plaid Sport Seats for Model S with High-G Cornering Stability and...

Tesla has announced an exciting update to their Model S lineup with the launch of the new Plaid Sport Seats. These seats are designed...
Tesla FSD Supervised

Tesla Model 3 and Model S/X Get a Major Update with FSD Supervised v12.3.4...

Tesla is rolling out its Full Self-Driving (Supervised) v12.3.4 update which is a part of the 2024.3.15 release, marking a significant enhancement in the...
Model 3 Ludicrous Unveiling on April 20th

Tesla Prepares to Wow with Model 3 Ludicrous Unveiling on April 20th

Tesla is preparing to unveil a performance version of the Model 3 called the "Model 3 Ludicrous." This new variant is expected to set...
Cybertruck Accident

Why Cybertruck Accidents Are Surging Despite Fewer Vehicles on the Road

You'll have to agree on the fact that Cybertruck is born out of thousands of controversies and hiccups. In fact, Tesla nearly struggled to...
Tesla Model 3 Active Hood

Tesla Model 3 Highland’s Active Hood Springs into Action for Pedestrian Protection

The 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland continues its commitment to improve automotive safety. The Active Hood in Model 3 Highland stands out as a...
Model 3 Ludicrous HD

Tesla Media Event Teases Model 3 Ludicrous with Rumored 2.9s 0-60mph Acceleration

Tesla recently hosted an exclusive media event for the new Model 3 Ludicrous variant in Malibu, California. This event held ahead of the much-anticipated...
Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Launch

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Rumored to Launch Today

Tesla is expected to unveil a high-performance upgrade for the Model 3 Performance called Ludicrous. Recent photos of a covered Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous...