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Tesla to Roll Out Major Auto Shift Update Across Its EV Lineup

Tesla is on the brink of rolling out a significant upgrade to its Auto Shift functionality, an innovative feature currently available in its Cybertruck, Model S/X, and the latest Model 3 Highland. Auto Shift known for enhancing the driving experience by automating gear shifting, is set to become even more intuitive and responsive.

Tesla Auto Shift

Tesla to Roll Out Auto Shift Update Across Its EV Lineup

Since January 3rd, Tesla’s engineering team has been diligently refining the Auto Shift feature, focusing on enhancing its intuitiveness and responsiveness. Although the company has not officially announced a release timeline, insider information suggests that the update is nearing completion. Minor adjustments remain, pointing to a potential rollout in the first week of April.

Engineers at Tesla have hinted that the upgrade is nearly at the completion stage, needing just a few minor adjustments before it’s ready for Wave 1 deployment.

Upcoming Enhancements

One of the most notable improvements in the pipeline is the Auto Shift’s enhanced ability to anticipate the driver’s needs during maneuvers such as a three-point turn. The upgraded system promises to significantly reduce the delay in activation by 50%, making it more seamless for drivers to execute turns without manually switching directions. This feature is a testament to Tesla’s commitment to leveraging telemetry data and real-world usage to refine their technology continually.

Addressing Current Limitations

One of the critical aspects of this update is its focus on solving existing problems with the Auto Shift feature. Drivers have occasionally reported issues with the system’s ability to accurately predict their intended direction, particularly during intricate driving scenarios. The enhanced version aims to address these concerns by utilizing months of telemetry data collected from real-world usage.

This data-driven approach will fine-tune the feature’s responsiveness, ensuring a more seamless and intuitive interaction between the vehicle and its driver.

Tesla Auto Shift

Beyond Three-Point Turns: What to Expect

While Tesla has kept some updates under wraps, insiders promise overall refinements across the board. These improvements are the fruit of months of collecting and analyzing telemetry data from every instance of Auto Shift usage, indicating a broad and thoughtful approach to the upgrade.

Tesla Model Y Enhancements

The conversation around Auto Shift upgrades also sparked inquiries about enhancing parking assist capabilities, especially for the vision-only Model Y. According to Teslascope, there is hope that the Model Y will gain this feature following its major rework. However, this significant update for the Model Y is not expected until the end of the year for regions outside North America, with North America to follow early next year.


This upcoming Auto Shift functionality upgrade underscores Tesla’s relentless pursuit of innovation and its dedication to improving the driver experience. By fine-tuning its vehicles’ capabilities based on user feedback and data, Tesla continues to lead the charge in the electric vehicle industry, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the road.

As the release date draws near, Tesla owners and EV enthusiasts alike await with bated breath to experience firsthand the enhancements that promise to redefine the convenience and intuitiveness of driving a Tesla. Stay tuned to Vehiclesuggest for the latest updates and in-depth analysis of Tesla’s innovations and their impact on the future of electric mobility.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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  1. This will be yet another half-baked feature like most of Tesla’s announcements. Let’s hope this isn’t one of the lies that keeps killing people like “Full Self Driving.”

    We dumped our Model 3 and Model Y. Not bad cars…but they are far short of the promises made. It seems that they are mainly driven by incel Elon fanboys and housewives.


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