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Tesla to Rollout Adaptive Matrix Headlights OTA Update for All Models

Exciting news for Tesla drivers in Europe! Soon, existing Model Y and older Model 3 will get an upgrade with Tesla matrix headlights. This cool feature, enhancing nighttime driving safety and convenience, will be coming your way through an OTA software update.

Back in December, a similar sneak peek hinted that the new Model 3 would get this cool feature. Tesla added the same smart headlights to the updated Model 3, and now they’re extending the matrix goodness to more Tesla cars.

So when the update is going to come and what all models will get the update? Here’s all we know!

Tesla Adaptive Matrix Headlights

Tesla Matrix Headlights Update

Tesla is going to offer the adaptive matrix headlight features to its two existing models in Europe according to a leaked document. Currently, the ongoing rollout of Update 2024.2, featuring support for the new Model 3, is in its early stages, with around 1% of the Tesla fleet having access.

Tesla is a big talker of cool revolutionary tech and innovations. They boast of iconic features way ahead of when actual production starts. A notable example is the absence of ultrasonic sensors, a standard feature in many other cars. Tesla addressed this shortfall by enhancing its park assist technology with the introduction of High Fidelity Park Assist.

Turning a potential drawback into a non-issue is a typical Tesla winning strategy that works. While this move reflects Tesla’s prompt intelligence, it also highlights that there’s still room for growth in certain aspects of their vehicle offerings.

One of those areas is the car headlights. Even though Tesla started using fancy LED-matrix headlights in 2021, they still work kind of old-school, lighting up all the LEDs at once. In the US, this was because of rules that didn’t allow fancy adaptive headlights until 2022. But now those rules have changed, and Tesla needs to catch up.

The first software update finally introduces the long-awaited adaptive headlight features to select Tesla EVs that include existing models. This marks a big moment for Tesla owners, who have eagerly waited for the matrix headlights.

Supported Tesla Models

The all-new LED matrix headlights update will activate the adaptive headlights capabilities on Mode Y and older Model 3 in Europe. The matrix headlights update availability is limited to Europe for now but the experts suggest the rollout will soon come to the US too.

The first Model X cars with matrix headlights came out in June/July 2023, but the Model 3, Model Y, and Model S had them even before. Matrix headlights on Model 3 and Model Y can be different depending on where you are and the Tesla model you have.

If your Tesla has those cool pixel matrix headlights that can show the Tesla logo, then it’s likely got the adaptive high beams feature. This applies to newer Model 3 cars since their first update, as well as the latest Model Y and Model S/X vehicles.

Tesla also just launched the Model 3 Highland in the US, and it might get the adaptive headlights soon. They might start with the facelift and then roll it out to the popular Model Y during its Juniper update in the summer

When Will Model S And Model X Get The Update?

The supported vehicles for the latest update are explicitly outlined in the document, confirming approval for the Model 3 and Model Y. The initial document for the new Model 3 update, dated November 8th, 2023, approximately two months before the actual software update.

Following a similar timeline, anticipation says the update would take another four to six weeks.

While the information suggests exclusivity to these models, there is a strong likelihood that the update will extend to the Model S and Model X in subsequent releases, although the timing may differ.

In 2022, the NHTSA gave the green light for automakers to incorporate adaptive headlights into their vehicles. This regulatory shift marked a positive development for automotive technology. However, it’s crucial to note that specific specifications and requirements might vary between the U.S. and other regions, such as the EU.

While Tesla undoubtedly aims to offer this feature globally, adjustments may be needed to ensure compliance with distinct market nuances and regulatory standards.

What’s New In The Update?

In the latest 2024.2 software update for Tesla vehicles, users can anticipate a notable enhancement in nighttime driving safety. Recently spotted on a Tesla Model 3 Highland in Germany, where m.jr.88, an X(Twitter) user shared a video on the new adaptive high beams feature support.

The update introduces the Adaptive High Beam feature, designed to optimize visibility without causing discomfort to fellow drivers and cyclists.

The update, as documented by Not a Tesla App, emphasizes this adaptive system’s ability to selectively dim individual LEDs (pixels) in the headlights. This strategic dimming prevents excessive glare and ensures a more considerate use of high beams.

The result is a prolonged duration of high beam, providing improved visibility during night drives. Therefore, adding to the safety while driving your Tesla.

To activate this feature, Tesla owners can navigate to Lighting > Adaptive High Beam in the Tesla Settings.

While the capability is theoretically present in all Tesla electric vehicles, the feature was currently exclusively available on the refreshed Model 3. With the latest news, the update would be available for Tesla Model Y and older Model 3 as well.


So, That’s all the scoop on the latest software update – right now, it’s officially approved for the Model 3 and Model Y. But hold on tight, because there’s a good chance, the Model S and Model X, might get a taste of all the action!

Tesla’s agile approach to introducing new features and improvements reflects the brand’s dedication to prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of its global user base. So, hang in there, Cybertruck, Model S, and X buffs – your turn could be just around the corner!

Tesla’s always got something exciting up its sleeve, and it looks like everyone will eventually get to join the party.

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