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Tesla Launches New Plaid Sport Seats for Model S with High-G Cornering Stability and Enhanced Features

Tesla has announced an exciting update to their Model S lineup with the launch of the new Plaid Sport Seats. These seats are designed to provide superior comfort and support for track-inspired driving. Starting from April 1, 2024, all Tesla Model S Plaid will come standard with these new sports seats which have advanced features that cater to high-performance driving enthusiasts.

Tesla Model S Plaid bucket seats

Features of the New Plaid Sport Seats

The newly designed Tesla Plaid Sport Seats include a Plaid badge that enhances the visual appeal and aligns with the Plaid model’s high-performance capabilities.

Key features of these seats include:

Enhanced Comfort and Support

The seats feature track-inspired bolstering which provides increased lateral support which is crucial for maintaining stability during high-speed maneuvers.

High-Performance Materials

The use of performance suede on the seat bolsters not only enhances grip, helping to keep the driver securely in place during dynamic driving, but also contributes to the overall durability of the seating.

Aesthetic Enhancements

Each seat includes an exclusive Plaid composite décor (badge) centered on the backrest, adding a unique visual element that underscores the vehicle’s high-performance identity.

Customization Options

Available in three stylish color options – black, black and white, and cream. These seats can be tailored to suit the personal style and preference of any Tesla owner.

Maintained Functionality

Despite these enhancements, the seats still offer the beloved features of the Model S, including 12-way power adjustments, heating, and ventilation which ensures that they don’t sacrifice comfort for performance.

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Pricing and Availability

For existing Model S owners looking to upgrade, Tesla has set the price for the new Plaid Sport Seats at $3,520 each, totaling $7,040 for a pair. This represents a significant increase from the standard seats priced at $2,200, reflecting the enhanced features and materials used in the Plaid Sport Seats.

Tesla has already updated their online configurator to include these seats, allowing prospective buyers to customize their Model S Plaid with the new seating options from the start of next month.


The introduction of the Plaid Sport Seats is aimed squarely at drivers who cherish both comfort and performance. The modular seat architecture, combined with the upgraded materials like high-performance suede, ensures that these seats are not just about aesthetic improvements but are built to enhance the driving experience under rigorous conditions. They are perfect for those who appreciate the nuances of high-G cornering, where increased lateral support can transform the feel and response of the vehicle.

Tesla’s latest upgrade to the Model S Plaid demonstrates the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and luxury. The Plaid Sport Seats not only enhance the visual and tactile appeal of the Model S but also ensure that the driving experience is nothing short of exhilarating. With these seats, Tesla continues to cater to the needs of performance enthusiasts who demand the very best from their vehicles.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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