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Tesla Model X Plaid Spotted at Model S Plaid Delivery Event

Model X is easily Tesla’s least popular vehicle in the current lineup. Model S is currently back in business with the deliveries for the Plaid starting today. The other two cars, Model 3 and Model Y, have a lot of sales thanks to the affordability factor. With the Model X, however, it always seemed like Tesla tried too hard and gave some features as unnecessary extras, but faltered with the basics.

When Tesla announced the design refresh for the Model S earlier this year, it almost got lost in the news that Model X was getting one too. The electric SUV, as usual, was piggybacking on the Model S news. But now, with a Plaid powertrain inside the SUV as well, can the Model X rally around and get the redemption?

Model X Plaid Makes Appearance at Model S Delivery Event

Tesla began deliveries for the Model S Plaid today with the special delivery event. An initial presentation told the guests all about the new version of the premium sedan. CEO Elon Musk delivered this presentation. After this, Tesla allowed the guests to take the Model S Plaid vehicles for test drives as well. Many people even tried out the freaky acceleration of the Plaid powertrain, which takes the car from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 kph) in under 2 seconds.

But images of a white Model X Plaid also surfaced on Twitter very quickly. The vehicle came with a six-seat configuration and 22″ Turbine wheels. Tesla allowed guests to get inside the car and check out the interior updates, including the rear display which can stream media, play video games and adjust the climate control.

Can the Plaid Version save Model X?

There is no doubt that Model X isn’t really attracting a lot of customers at the moment. But can the Plaid powertrain make this right? It is very much possible that someone in need of a family car will get impressed by the new interior features of the Plaid version. Not to forget the amazing performance capabilities as well.

The SUV shares the tri-motor powertrain with the Model S and gets the 1020 horsepower output as well. With a top speed of 163 mph (262 kph) and 0 to 60 mph (96.5 kph) timing of 2.5 seconds, this SUV is surely a beast. And if Musk’s presentation about the tri-motor powertrain is to be followed, the SUV will keep pulling power well beyond the 100 mph (161 kph) mark.

But the Model X Plaid isn’t just about the performance. The interior is what makes the Plaid version so attractive. The fact that Model X can seat seven people makes it even better. The newly updated interior feels all the more spacious in the SUV. And of course, the infotainment system, with PS5-level gaming capabilities, the new horizontal touchscreen and an added touchscreen for the rear row is a gem as well.

Our Opinion

Tesla isn’t even talking about Model X at the moment. All the focus is on Model S Plaid, Cybertruck and the upcoming Roadster. But the Model X isn’t all bad for sure. The specs are really good for an electric SUV. What’s more interesting is that Tesla’s website still shows the price of the Model X Plaid as $119,990. That is $10,000 less than the now-updated Model S Plaid price. Of course, Tesla may be yet to update the Model X price too. But even if they match Model S Plaid’s cost or maybe even exceed it by a little, the Model X Plaid remains a very good electric SUV in the market today.

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Mihir Tasgaonkar
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