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Tesla Cybertruck Flips Over in High-Speed Turn Resulting in Dramatic Crash

A Tesla Cybertruck was involved in a dramatic accident in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The incident occurred on Mission 66, right in front of the Chamber of Commerce, where the Cybertruck failed to navigate a turn and ended up flipping over.

Tesla Cybertruck Flips Over

Tesla Cybertruck Flips Over in Vicksburg, Mississippi

The accident, which was covered in a livestream by the Vicksburg Daily News, highlighted the challenges even advanced vehicles face when driven at high speeds. The Tesla Cybertruck, known for its robust design and hefty weight of 6,600 pounds, failed to make a turn and hit a steep embankment. The impact caused the vehicle to flip over, landing on its roof.

According to the livestream, the Cybertruck was traveling north along Mission 66 when it encountered difficulties making the turn. Debris scattered on the road suggests that the driver was likely driving at a high speed, contributing to the vehicle’s inability to navigate the turn safely. David Day from the Vicksburg Daily News provided a detailed account, noting that the Cybertruck had overturned and that emergency services were on the scene.

Occupant Safety and Emergency Response

Four people were inside the Cybertruck at the time of the accident. Remarkably, three of the occupants managed to walk away from the crash without any significant injuries. However, one individual was transported to a medical facility with minor injuries to their forearm. The vehicle’s cabin remained intact, a testament to the Cybertruck’s sturdy design and safety features.

Community Reactions and Speculations

The incident attracted significant attention from the local community and social media users. Comments on the Vicksburg Daily News’ livestream highlighted the Cybertruck as a notable attraction in the city prior to the accident. Some residents mentioned that the area where the vehicle flipped had a history of accidents, suggesting that the turn on Mission 66 might be problematic. Additionally, there were reports of the same Cybertruck being seen driving at high speeds earlier, leading to speculation that excessive speed could have been a factor in the crash.

It is important to note that Tesla’s FSD system was not a factor in this accident. The FSD system, which often becomes a topic of discussion following Tesla accidents, has not yet been released for the Cybertruck. Thus, any blame on the vehicle’s autonomous capabilities is unfounded in this instance.


This accident marks a significant event as it is the first known instance of a Tesla Cybertruck flipping over. Despite the dramatic nature of the crash, the vehicle’s design helped ensure the safety of its occupants. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of cautious driving, especially when handling high-performance vehicles like the Cybertruck.

Authorities have temporarily closed the roadway on Mission 66 to manage the accident scene and clear debris. The Vicksburg community and Tesla enthusiasts will likely keep a close watch on further developments, including the investigation’s findings and any potential safety improvements for this turn.

Final Thoughts

While the Cybertruck’s sturdy build was crucial in protecting its occupants, this accident underscores the importance of responsible driving. Advanced vehicles, regardless of their capabilities, require careful handling, particularly in challenging driving conditions. As the investigation continues, further insights will hopefully lead to enhanced safety measures and awareness among drivers.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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