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Tesla Model 3 Robotaxi Prototype Spotted Again Without Side Mirrors and With Additional Cameras

Tesla enthusiasts and observers have been buzzing with excitement and speculation. Recently, a Tesla Model 3 prototype was spotted without side mirrors and featuring additional cameras. This sighting has fueled rumors that Tesla is testing a new configuration for its potential Robotaxi or CyberCab service.

Tesla Model 3 Robotaxi Testing

Tesla Model 3 Robotaxi Prototype

The prototype, an engineering vehicle with a manufacturer’s license plate, was seen with several modifications. Notably, it lacked the traditional side mirrors. Instead, it had cameras installed in new locations, including the trunk, rear windows, and side repeaters. These modifications suggest that Tesla might be gearing up to test its autonomous driving capabilities in a new and innovative way.

Update: It’s spotted again, have a look at below X’s post.

Reddit Reactions

A Reddit post about this sighting quickly gathered attention. One user commented, “That’s what I saw last week! I was a little confused when I saw it. Bay Area, CA.” This comment indicates that the vehicle has been spotted multiple times in the Bay Area, adding credibility to the theory that Tesla is actively testing this prototype.

The Tesla Model 3 prototype without side mirrors and with additional cameras has been spotted again! It is likely a testing vehicle for Robotaxi/CyberCab.
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Another user shared their observation, “It was seen bouncing around in the lane more than a game of ping pong. FSD isn’t great, but it can stay centered in a lane.” This comment raises concerns about the stability of the vehicle’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) system in this new configuration. It appears that Tesla still has some work to do to ensure the system’s reliability.

Someone also pointed out a potential regulatory hurdle, “Federal requirement for mirrors, so we’re not losing mirrors anytime soon.” This highlights a significant challenge Tesla might face in bringing a mirrorless vehicle to market. Federal regulations currently require vehicles to have side mirrors, so Tesla will need to address this before any mass rollout.

Possible Implications

The sighting of this prototype raises several interesting questions and possibilities. If Tesla is indeed testing a Robotaxi or CyberCab, this could mark a significant step forward in autonomous vehicle technology. The additional cameras could be part of a new sensor suite designed to enhance the vehicle’s ability to navigate complex environments without human intervention.

The Bay Area is a logical choice for testing such advanced technology. It is home to many tech companies and has a relatively high tolerance for experimental vehicles on its roads. Additionally, the diverse traffic conditions in the area provide an ideal testing ground for refining autonomous driving systems.

If Tesla can overcome the technical and regulatory challenges, this prototype could pave the way for a fleet of Robotaxis. These vehicles could operate without human drivers, offering a new level of convenience and efficiency for passengers. The potential for such a service is immense, with significant implications for urban transportation and mobility.


The recent sighting of a Tesla Model 3 prototype without side mirrors and with additional cameras has sparked widespread speculation and interest. While there are still many questions to be answered, this development suggests that Tesla is making significant strides in its pursuit of autonomous driving technology. The road ahead may be challenging, but the potential rewards could be transformative for the automotive industry.

As Tesla continues to test and refine its technology, we can expect to see more sightings and perhaps even official announcements in the near future. For now, all eyes will be on the roads of the Bay Area, watching for the next glimpse of this intriguing prototype. Whether it leads to a fleet of Robotaxis or a new era of autonomous vehicles, one thing is clear: Tesla is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in automotive innovation.

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