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Toyota Launches bZ4X, Its First All-Electric SUV From $42,000 & Up!

The big reveal of the all-electric Toyota SUV in October last year gave a big hope. However, the Japanese carmaker did not quote the expected price and left its audience puzzled. Toyota is now entering the electric vehicle league in the US with its bZ4X SUV, starting at a price sticker of $42,000 for its base model.

One crucial aspect here is that this is not the final starting price of the vehicle, as Toyota runs on a franchise model. Therefore, the final price of the new all-electric SUV would completely depend on the mutual agreement of the buyer and Toyota dealer.

The federal tax benefit of $7,500 is still impressive, but it could be further halved by coming October. The two-tone exterior design is unique in the electric vehicle segment as well. JBL’s nine-speaker sound system provides an impressive set of music.

Price Reveal of Toyota bZ4X

The most awaited news from Toyota for its first all-electric comes amidst global shortage and market instability.

Toyota announced that the bZ4X would have a $42,000 MSRP for the base variant. However, the limited edition from Toyota featuring all-wheel drive is tagged at $48,780 onwards.

The official statement of the recent press release from the automaker reads:

“Coming to dealerships this spring with an EPA-estimated range rating of up to 252 miles (for XLE front-wheel-drive models, based on EPA’s testing procedure standards), the 2023 Toyota bZ4X will have a starting MSRP of $42,000.”

The official statement from Toyota makes it clear that the company will have a full EV on floors, ready for delivery by this spring. However, there is no surety of meeting the demand for electric vehicles by the company as their press release does not answer enough questions.

The official press release also points out the fact that the bZ4X would be exclusive, and availability would be extremely limited. This is not any surprise as Toyota is struggling to keep its production on track with ongoing supply chain challenges.

Toyota Launches bZ4X

Toyota bZ4X Models and Specs

The base model of the all-electric SUV bZ4X has an EPA range of 252 miles as per the Toyota claims. Other similar models from EV makers like Hyundai Ioniq 5 have an estimated range of 220 miles at a price point of $39,700. Chevy Bolt EUV and KIA EV6 offer more miles on their range card with lower price tags as well. Model 3 from Tesla too comes in similar price bands of $40k.

The other side to this is that company now often adds up a grand or more for destination charges or upgrades. Toyota too has put a delivery and handling fee of around $1,215 on bZ4X SUV. Following are the grades of variants the company is offering to the EV market with bZ4X:

  1. XLE
  2. Limited


XLE is the base variant of the SUV with an option of single or dual-motor design for FWD and AWD options. The XLE comes with 18 inches alloy wheel for both variants. The standard features remain the same glass roof, lane assist, blind-spot monitoring system, adaptive cruise control, and safe exit assist.

bZ4X Limited

Limited trim variants of the bZ4X offer added features with 20 inches alloys and FWD/AWD options. Most prominent features of the limited variants include ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, a multi-view camera, a motion-active power liftgate, and faux-leather upholstery.

Price of Toyota bZ4X

Following are the price point of bZ4X based on its variants:

  • bZ4X XLE Front Wheel Drive
  • bZ4X Front Wheel Drive Limited
  • bZ4X XLE All-Wheel Drive
  • bZ4X All-Wheel Drive Limited

bZ4X XLE Front Wheel Drive

bZ4X is equipped with a single motor and can reach up to 196 lb-ft torque, and has a range of 252 miles. The base variant of the Toyota SUV starts from $42,000 with 18-inch tires, a wireless charger, a standard roof, and mats. Buyers would have an option to choose the base model in 11 colors with light grey or black interiors.

bZ4X Front Wheel Drive Limited

The limited variant of the base version sits at starting price point of $46,700. The EPA range on the limited variant with a more premium feel gets lower, with 242 miles. 20-inch multi-spoke, machine-finished alloy wheels of this model would add an elegant appeal.

bZ4X XLE All-Wheel Drive

bZ4X XLE AWD comes with 18-inch alloys and standard features of the front-wheel-drive variant. The dual motor-powered all-wheel-drive SUV has an expected EPA range of 228 miles. The price for this variant starts from $44,080.

bZ4X All-Wheel Drive Limited

The limited variant in all-wheel drive or AWD starts from $48,780 with 20-inch alloys having a grey finish. The panoramic moonroof adds to the beauty of this EV by Toyota. The EPA range of the limited variant is the least in all four variants with 222 miles.

Size And Power Comparison

bZ4X SUV is part of the “Beyond Zero” series of electric vehicles from Toyota. The name of the all-electric car from the company comes with the name coined bZ, referring to beyond zero range by Toyota.

The addition of 4X has to do with the size and style of the SUV, like the celebrated RAV4 crossover from the company. The bZ4X is about 3.7 inches longer than RAV4 and has a longer wheelbase than the RAV4 too. 42.1 inches of front-seat legroom offers ample area to comfortably place feet. Furthermore, the rear legroom is also adequate, with 35.3 inches of legroom.

First Impression Of bZ4X

The first impression of the bZ4X all-electric SUV is remarkable if only one can get their hands on the car. The current global supply-chain challenges are putting a lot of pressure on Toyota. However, the recent press release promises buyers of a great EV at excellent prices.

Safety and convenience both are top-notch on the SUV from Toyota. However, the fascinating aspect is the recent photos released by Toyota putting a question mark as the infamous yoke-style steering wheel is now missing.

Last year, in October, the yoke was very well there, not that anyone would be missing it anymore. However, it is unsure whether the Subaru Solterra would be having the yoke model or not, as the platform is the same as bZ4X.

Watch for this space to see what to expect in the future from Toyota and learn more about the brand new all-electric SUV performance.

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