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Rear-Wheel Steer Feature Of The Tesla Cybertruck Featured At Giga Texas

The Cyber Rodeo launch party by Tesla gave a glimpse of the company’s new and upcoming vehicles. However, Tesla Cybertruck was the star of the event without any doubt. Cybertruck has been the apple of the eye for Tesla fans as even the arrival to the Texas facility was trending recently. Online viewers worldwide were left in awe of the possible appearance and launching of the electric pickup.

On-stage talks between Tesla’s chief designer Franz Von Holzhausen and Elon Musk were enough to capture massive attention. Cyber Rodeo party made headlines everywhere on tech forums and online shows.

A viral video post shared online gave incredible details about the updates on the new Cybertruck. Rear-wheel steering Cybertruck is going to be the face of Tesla with the current amount of fan following it already enjoys.

Cybertruck Reveal Of Cyber Rodeo

Cybertruck reveal on Cyber Rodeo event in Giga Texas recently grabbed everyone’s attention with its appearance. Elon Musk stood on stage, giving all the latest news about happenings in Tesla. One of them was the Cybertruck prototype drive-in on stage to make the big reveal of the night.

Tesla is planning to manufacture Model Y and Cybertruck exclusively in Giga Texas, to meet the rising demands for electric vehicles. Model Y is already on the production line, and Cybertruck manufacturing can begin anytime next year, as per Musk.

Musk is seen making statements regarding the tremendous demand for EVs in the market and how the worldwide inflation is causing changes in production. He mentioned the manufacturing of a new structural battery pack for Tesla at their newest Gigafactory.

Recently Tesla added a few more numbers on the prices of its cheapest car Model 3, citing the rising cost of raw materials like nickel post-war. Battery manufacturing at Giga Texas is sure to help Tesla with an opportunity to upscale the production per year.

Cybertruck is the most awaited electric vehicle by Tesla with its unique and futuristic design. Furthermore, the incredible features add to its popularity, making it stand out among other pickup trucks.

New Updates On Cybertruck

The attendees of the Cyber Rodeo event got to witness the prototype changes of the Cybertruck firsthand. The hours earlier display of the truck proved how influential the particular pickup model is by Tesla. Updated Cybertruck now boasts new features like no door handles, camera, rear-wheel steer, etc.

 Tesla Cybertruck Rear-Wheel Steer Feature

People saw several remarkable updates while witnessing the newest Cybertruck prototype at the event. Elon Musk and Franz Von Holzhausen kept the audience on edge with their witty remarks and statements.

Elon even asked his design chief to redo the shattering Cybertruck glass moment jokingly. However, both laughed off the moment to leave it for the next time. Musk proudly shared the new updates on the truck with the audience.

Following are the newest updates on Cybertruck by Tesla:

  • Rear Wheel Steering Feature
  • Updated Doors
  • Cameras & Charging Port
  • Single Windshield Wiper

Rear Wheel Steering Feature

The latest prototype of Cybertruck would come with the latest tech called Rear Wheel Steering Feature. The feature would enable the Tesla Cybertruck drivers to easily park the vehicle even in tight parking spots.

Recently, a video by a group member of Tesla made electric vehicles fan club gave a glimpse of how the new advanced feature would work. Elon Musk has already confirmed the utility of the unusual feature on Twitter last year. Musk stated in his post how the new feature would help the driver to maneuver and accomplish difficult parking spots.

The Rear-Wheel Steering feature could be an impressive feature considering the massive size of the pickup truck by Tesla. The Cybertruck is going to be exponential in size, even larger than Ford F-150’s wheelbase. The addition of such innovative features would not go unnoticed by Tesla lovers.

Updated Doors

Updated doors of the new prototype have left a lot to the imagination of the fans eagerly waiting for the Cybertruck launch. Elon Musk announced that the new Cybertruck models would not be having door handles on the stainless steel pickup.

The latest design by Tesla hits on something unusually new on the tech and design front. Elon said, “Who needs handles? The car can tell you’re there, and it just knows that it needs to open.” However, he left the audience to guess how this would work as he gave no demo or explanation of the new feature.

An automatic door opening mechanism might be made to work on the app button, key fob, or a voice command. But there is no clear explanation by Tesla so far, so far to put the assumptions to rest. Let’s wait for the official statement from Elon Musk or the company to know everything.

Cameras & Charging Port

The new prototype is going to be equipped with side repeater cameras like other Tesla EVs. The side view cameras instead of the traditional side-view mirrors look sleek on the Cybertruck.

The new rollout of the feature would come inside the plastic cladding above the front wheels of the Cybertruck pickup by Tesla. The cyberpunk design of the futuristic-looking trucks suits best with the new camera mirrors on the pickup.

The new prototype of the Cybertruck comes with a concept-looking charging port on the all-stainless steel pickup’s fenders. The new concept design of the charging port is different than the earlier prototype along with the unusual placement on the fender.

Single Windshield Wiper

The Cybertruck prototype earlier had no visible windshield wipers leaving the spectators to speculate on a hidden wiper system or a new tech. However, the latest prototype display at the Giga Texas confirms the single windshield wiper design of the Cybertruck.

When To Expect Cybertruck On-Road?

Elon Musk strongly announced the production of the Cybertruck model of Tesla’s all-electric pickup truck at Giga Texas. He said that the production would begin in full swing in 2023 to meet the massive demands for the Cybertruck.

The recent event at the grand opening of the Giga Texas could mean sooner handovers of the pickup truck to customers. However, Tesla’s plans with the most awaited pickup truck Cybertruck deliveries in the future are still unclear.

Keep checking this space to know the latest news and ventures at the tech giant Tesla. Who knows what new revelations could be hidden in the next tweet by Elon Musk? Catch all the latest on electric vehicles here!

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