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Mercedes-Benz EV Makes World Record Completing 1,000 Km On Single Charge

Mercedes-Benz successfully achieves its claims of offering 620 miles on Vision EQXX, an electric concept car. According to the company, their experimental electric car, Vision EQXX, covered a distance of 1,000 Km using only 8.7 kWh every 100 Km.

The announcement came as a surprise amidst the average range of existing electric cars loitering around the 300 miles range mark.

The one-off concept electric car by the company would beat all other market leaders in the EV market if the efficiency claims are true. Covering 620 miles in a single full charge of the battery is the longest distance ever by any EV.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

Mercedes-Benz came up with their most efficient electric car from the EQ range of concept vehicles. Vision EQXX’s debut earlier this year made a lot of noise in the market.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is a perfect combination of futuristic designs and features packed into a coupe-sedan-style concept car. The sporty low-slung design is impressive with sharp aerodynamics and fusion body configuration.

Mercedes-Benz EQXX

The company kept the concept car under the wraps for over a year creating a buzz in the electric car market. However, the recent achievement marks an attempt at long-range success.

Earlier, on debut, the company claimed that the concept EV would consume about 10 kWh for every 100 Km drive. However, the recent trip of completing over 1,000 Km is going to set a benchmark for the range efficiency in electric cars.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Model Specs

The debut of the Vision EQXX concept received a mixed reaction from the audience with its battery pack claims. The futuristic design and Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar-driven tech did make the world notice the concept car.

The exterior body of the concept car is sleek, futuristic, yet elegant. Whereas the interiors of the car give a premium feel with minimalistic style and a gigantic 47.5-inch infotainment screen on the dashboard rocking an 8k resolution. Everything is sourced and manufactured keeping the sustainability of the materials in mind.

Vision EQXX concept weighs roughly around 3,869 lb. having a wheelbase of about 110 inches. The 900v electric system pumps up a 201-horsepower mark. 20 inches alloy tires wrapped in Bridgestone Turanza featuring futuristic aerodynamic design suiting the exterior of the car.

The German carmaker launched its Vision EQXX concept with a vision to offer the highest efficiency of the battery pack on an EV. The concept car’s primary objective was to experiment with the long-range efficiency along with luxury features.

The Long Range 1000 Km Journey

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX begin its long-range test drive, taking the team to Switzerland from Germany. The route is not a flat highway but a mix of geography.

The test drive in the real-world scenario is a better measure of the range as the conditions keep changing during the course. Whereas the simulated test-drive conditions do not offer the exact range measurement.

The route is perfect for doing road tests for battery pack efficiency. Furthermore, the roads range from flat highways to a variety of high-low mountainous roads. Construction work hazards and different temperatures range from chilly to moderate temperatures.

The journey concluded in Cassis, leaving the concept car at 15% charge left at clocking 626 miles. The charge is equal to another 87 miles, but the battery protection features halt the drive at this level.

It took 12 hours for the long-haul drive covering several European cities to reach the Swiss Alps from Germany on April 5, 2022. Starting from Sindelfingen to Cassis port town near Marseille, crossing Italy along the way.

Comparison With Long-Range EVs

Electric vehicles are the potential future of the automobile industry. The recent years are witnessing the forthcoming electric revolution led by the leading automakers. Almost every leading automobile company is launching or in process of rolling out EVs on road.

Lucid Air Dream Edition and Tesla Model S Plaid were the long-range champions offering over 520 miles and 348 miles. However, this is worth mentioning that these car models offer high-performance drives without compromising on power.

Tesla is the world leader in self-driving electric cars, and Lucid’s long-range cars are worth investing in. However, the recent long-range car from Mercedes-Benz still needs to go through the European Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure or WLTP and US tests.

EPA rating system accounts for the specific driving condition for testing the range of the electric vehicles. The driving range of the Vision EQXX is still subjective as the real crunch test includes extreme driving situations.

Extreme cold weather and rough driving conditions drain out the juice from even the strongest of battery packs. Therefore, the recent 1,000 Km does not present the accurate performance stats of the Vision EQXX.

Will the Vision EQXX See Production?

The recent 1,000 Km range trip by the concept car is a huge plus for the Mercedes-Benz. Earlier claims of 10 kWh consumption per 100 Km under controlled conditions are now outperformed by the real-world test trip of 1,000 Km.

The current stats provide slightly improved real-world driving conditions with 620 plus miles on the report card. The average speed throughout the trip was cruising at 54 mph. The concept car is up to 30% lighter than the EQS sedan from Mercedes.

EQXX is a power-packed concept car featuring an innovative inverter design, active aerodynamics, solar roof, absent liquid cooling system, densely packed battery cells, etc. Mercedes is spending about $45.3 billion on EV development spanning up to 2030.

The concept cars are not meant for production and therefore do not give the correct understanding and comparison with existing models.

What To Expect In The Future?

Concept cars are designed to check the efficacy of new technology and advanced features. Mercedes is a powerful luxury brand having numerous models in production and concepts.

The latest achievement of Vision EQXX adds value to Mercedes’s expertise in the automobile industry. The results of the durability and safety features of the concept car would be seen in future production cars by Mercedes.

Mercedes might add most of the elements from Vision EQXX to the upcoming models of mid-sized electric cars. The recent test left the concept with over 15% battery charge, meaning the concept car has production potential.

The luxury automotive leader would adapt the technical developments based on the performance of the concept cars to introduce them in future EV architectures.

Let us know what you think of the massive performance of the concept car from Mercedes. Watch this space for more information on the upcoming EV models from the leaders in electric vehicle makers.

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