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Tesla Cybertruck’s Hidden Surprise: Leaked Video Reveals Frunk’s Compact Design

In a recent leaked video from Tesla Gigafactory Texas, new details have emerged about the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck. The frunk has been a point of curiosity for many electric pickup enthusiasts, as it provides an enclosed and clean storage space. Speculation was initially sparked when glimpses of the Cybertruck’s open hood hinted at a sizable frunk.

However, recent sightings of the production version indicated that the frunk might be smaller than anticipated. A Twitter video that surfaced from inside the Gigafactory finally confirmed these suspicions, showcasing the frunk’s size and potential limitations.

As we eagerly await the official delivery event, let’s delve into the details revealed by the leaked video and its implications for Cybertruck’s design and functionality.

Tesla Cybertruck Frunk

Tesla Cybertruck Frunk

The leaked video from Tesla Gigafactory Texas has sent ripples of excitement and intrigue through the electric vehicle community, providing a closer look at the Cybertruck’s front trunk, or ‘frunk.’ The video showcases several Cybertruck pre-production units with their frunks open, offering an unfiltered view of what the highly anticipated electric pickup truck has to offer in terms of storage space.

Upon closer inspection, the frunk appears partially lined and missing some trims, which suggests that it might not be in its final production form. This observation raises questions about the frunk’s potential capabilities and whether Tesla may make further adjustments before the official release.

The leaked video has also ignited discussions among Cybertruck enthusiasts and potential buyers who had been eagerly awaiting more details about the vehicle’s features. The initial excitement around the Cybertruck’s frunk was sparked by earlier speculation and spy shots of prototype models, which hinted at a spacious storage area capable of accommodating various items.

The frunk’s size holds particular significance in the world of electric pickup trucks. Electric vehicles (EVs) often face challenges with storage space due to the need to accommodate bulky battery packs. In this context, the frunk offers a valuable addition to the Cybertruck’s design, providing enclosed and clean storage that is easily accessible to drivers.

Tesla Cybertruck Design Changes

The leaked drone footage showing the Cybertruck charging next to a Model Y outside Tesla’s factory has provided an intriguing glimpse into the design challenges the company faces with the Cybertruck’s frunk and overall interior space. One of the most striking features visible in the footage is the massive expanse of the dashboard, leading from the steering wheel to the start of the frunk lid. This elongated dashboard design is likely necessitated by the Cybertruck’s unique angular and futuristic appearance.

The A-pillar angle, which contributes to the distinctive wedge-like shape of the Cybertruck, is another factor that impacts the available interior space, including the frunk. The angle of the A-pillar can limit the depth of the frunk, making it shallower than some traditional pickup trucks or even other electric pickup truck models.

To optimize storage space in the Cybertruck’s frunk, Tesla’s design team might consider several possible adjustments. One option could be to explore innovative ways to make use of every available inch within the frunk’s design, such as incorporating custom storage organizers or adjustable partitions to accommodate various items effectively.

Additionally, Tesla could leverage advancements in materials and engineering techniques to create thinner yet durable interior lining materials, allowing for more interior space without compromising on safety or quality.

Despite the challenges posed by the unique angular design, Tesla has always emphasized the importance of both aesthetics and practicality in their vehicle designs. The Cybertruck is no exception, as it represents a bold departure from the conventional appearance of traditional pickup trucks.

Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event

Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event

As the third-quarter delivery event for the Tesla Cybertruck approaches, curiosity among Cybertruck enthusiasts and potential buyers is reaching a fever pitch. The event, which is expected to be hosted by none other than Tesla’s enigmatic CEO, Elon Musk, has been the subject of numerous speculations and discussions in the automotive world.

One of the primary areas of interest for enthusiasts and buyers alike is Cybertruck’s performance and range. While Tesla has provided some initial performance figures, such as impressive acceleration times and towing capabilities, specific details about the vehicle’s range on a single charge and its efficiency have not been disclosed. Potential buyers are eager to learn more about the Cybertruck’s range, as it directly impacts the vehicle’s suitability for long-distance travel and daily commutes.

Official specifications on performance and range will play a crucial role in potential buyers’ decision-making process, influencing their choice between the Cybertruck and other electric or traditional pickup trucks.

Official Date for the Event

Tesla’s strategy of withholding certain details until the official delivery event serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it helps maintain a level of excitement and intrigue among enthusiasts and potential buyers. By creating a sense of anticipation, Tesla can ensure that Cybertruck’s unveiling remains a highly anticipated and memorable event, garnering significant media attention and public interest.

Secondly, the controlled release of information allows Tesla to maintain a degree of flexibility in their product offerings. By waiting until the official event, Tesla can adapt and fine-tune certain features based on market feedback and developments. This approach aligns with Tesla’s iterative product development philosophy, which emphasizes continuous improvement and responsiveness to customer preferences.

The waiting game has also led to the building of a strong community of Cybertruck enthusiasts. As details about the vehicle trickle out through leaks, rumors, and official teasers, fan forums and social media platforms have been abuzz with discussions and speculations about the Cybertruck’s features, design, and capabilities. This passionate and engaged community is a testament to Tesla’s ability to foster brand loyalty and excitement around their products.


The leaked video from Tesla Gigafactory Texas has shed light on the much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck’s frunk size, revealing that it might be smaller than expected. This revelation has drawn attention to the vehicle’s potential limitations and the challenges in balancing design aesthetics with practicality.

In the competitive electric pickup truck market, the frunk’s size can influence consumers’ decisions when comparing the Cybertruck with other electric pickup offerings. Potential buyers may look at rival models, such as the Rivian R1T or the Ford F-150 Lightning, to evaluate which vehicle best suits their needs, and the frunk’s capabilities will factor into their considerations.

Furthermore, the Cybertruck’s frunk can also be compared to the traditional ICE trucks’ storage spaces, such as the Chevrolet Silverado or the Ford F-150, to gauge how it matches up in practicality.

As the third-quarter delivery event approaches, all eyes are on Elon Musk to provide official details and specifications, addressing concerns and attracting potential buyers. The smaller frunk’s impact on Cybertruck’s utility and usability remains a point of interest, as it may influence customer preferences in the competitive electric pickup truck market.

Ultimately, Tesla’s ability to optimize the frunk space while maintaining the Cybertruck’s distinctive design will play a crucial role in its market reception and long-term success.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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