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Cyber Rodeo: Tesla’s Hidden Surprises Spotted At New Gigafactory Texas In Austin

Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo event is making headlines for all good reasons. Gigafactory Texas launch is scheduled on April 7 in Austin with an event named Cyber Rodeo by Tesla.

Tesla might have a few surprises up its sleeves this time around. The grand opening is expected to include an official launch of production of the Model Y at the new plant. But some unidentified models were also spotted parked at the site, hinting toward a possible surprise unveiling.

Like the event at Gigafactory Berlin, Elon Musk is expected to be part of the launch to officiate the new opening. Model Y is a special launch as the new electric car is boasting 4680 battery cells and a new structural battery design.

Tesla Cyber Rodeo Cars
Picture Courtesy: Joe Tegtmeyer via Twitter

Texas Gigafactory Opening

Giga accounts for a billion in numerical expression and therefore makes up for a unique prefix for the motorcar mega factory. The Gigafactory is going to help Tesla with producing capacity of up to 10000 to 15000 EVs every year. Tesla’s latest Giga-casting technology would be worth watching for in the launch.

Tesla Gigafactory Texas in Austin is the fifth branch of Gigafactory to Tesla’s massive automaker sites. The work commenced in July 2020, and the first completion was reported in 2021 by Tesla. Texas Gigafactory opening is all set to take place on April 7, 2022, with an exclusive event Cyber Rodeo.

There were over 20 new Model Y spotted parked around the factory in late March. In addition to the new models, around 50 white Model Ys are made in the Texas Gigafactory.

Tesla would be starting Cybertruck production later in the upcoming expansion of the facility. As for now, the Texas Gigafactory is going to house the Made-In-Texas Model Y of the Tesla fleet.

Cyber Rodeo Event

Cyber Rodeo is all set to make huge news headlines with all secretive build-up among the Tesla buyers and fans for what to expect. The Internet is flooded with viral photos of actual preparation at the Giga site. Elon Musk too shared some interesting pictures of the highlights of Cyber Rodeo preps.

Tesla’s events and parties are known to be extravagant and impressive. Cyber Rodeo Giga Texas event looks promising as the event and surprise leaks are already next-level savvy.

Giga Texas is going to be the future home of the Cybertruck production with a promising output of a thousand or two per year when fully functional. Therefore, it is very likely that the electric pickup truck would make a show on stage at Cyber Rodeo.

The grand party celebrations would begin at the new Texas Giga factory from 4 PM onwards on April 7, to mark the opening of the Tesla factory.

Cyber Rodeo grand event suits the purpose of launching the site for Cybertruck production. Model Y is also expected to come with some nifty upgrades for Tesla lovers. However, it would be great to see what new features are adorned by the models launched at April 7 event.

Unknown Models Spotted At Giga Texas

Elon Musk has already hyped the event with several photo dumps of the event preparations. In addition to official handles, various online photos are seen with some surprise vehicles parked inside the facility. Possible models appear to be:

  • Model Y
  • Tesla Semi
  • Cybertruck Prototype
  • Roadster
  • Model X Prototype
  • Unknown Tesla Model

Two prototype Cybertrucks are easy to make out because of their edgy unique shape and form. However, Tesla seems to have delayed the unveiling by removing any mention of the new version from their website.

The hidden models are causing a lot of fan frenzy because of the excitement the revealing might bring to the event. There seems to be a Roadster undercover which is extremely small in size against all other models.

Some Model Y cars are easily distinguishable, but others are harder to recognize. One with a sea-themed colored cover would be a surprise reveal as many are contemplating that this could be the Model X prototype. All in all, this is going to be a hell of a show with all this new tantalizing information pouring in from the internet.

MIT Model Y Specs

The grand opening party is expected to launch Model Y with all details on the most advanced technology upgrades on the car. Tesla’s new Gigafactory would be under a lot of pressure to be able to produce models based on a new structural battery design.

There is a lot of confusion and question regarding Model Y’s design and specs. Nevertheless, MIT Model Y from Tesla might offer several options to its buyers:

  • Long Range Model Y AWD
  • Performance Model Y
  • Complete New Type
  • Different specs are added to standard models.

Model Y is a popular versatile Tesla able to hold up to 7 passengers with luggage room. The flexible seats are designed well to make place for everything one needs. Model Y specs and new configurations would be revealed at the event at Giga, Texas.

What To Expect From The Cyber Rodeo Launch Event?

Giga Texas is seen packed with a colorful mix of Model Y and Cybertrucks parked on the factory grounds. The Tesla Semi model made it to the Texas Giga earlier this week already. Also, some pictures offer a sneak peek of the mysterious models parked under the wraps for final showtime.

Cyber Rodeo party events should start from 4 PM and might continue to post midnight. Several influential people and celebrities are expected to make an appearance, along with Elon Musk on stage.

Internet and Tesla grounds are soaring with media and Tesla fans for the latest information on the grand opening event of the new Tesla plant. The 4.3 million square feet of the brand-new Tesla Giga Texas is going to ramp up the EV production for the company.

The event would put Tesla strongly in the electric automobile market promoting rapid growth to the already leader in the EV segment. The new Model Y deliveries and fresh new reveals of the upcoming tech would be worth watching for in the Cyber Rodeo event.

Watch out for this space to get all the thrilling action about the new die-cast tech, exciting unveiling, and all the information about the latest event.

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