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Mysterious Tesla Model 3 Spotted Without Side Mirrors and Additional Cameras Hinting at Possible Robotaxi Testing

Tesla sure knows to be creative to camouflage anything they want to keep under wraps. But the people are so smart that they cannot be fooled by anyone. Recent leaked pictures taken by an X user shared on the platform suggest something robotic is cooking inside Tesla cars.

Residents in Palo Alto, California, were left puzzled and shocked when they saw a bit odd Tesla Model 3 passing by. The Model 3 had cameras placed all around sans the side mirrors. At first, it looks like the cameras are retrofitted but when you look closer, it becomes clear that the story is different.

Here in this post find out what makes this side-mirror-less Model 3 and unusual cameras interesting.

Tesla Model 3 Robotaxi

Tesla Model 3 Robotaxi

The leaked Model 3 images are said to be coming from Palo Alto and are shared by a Tesla fan on X. Missing its side mirrors, the Model 3 sported a few cameras placed in unexpected locations even including inside the vehicle.

The Model 3 has no side mirrors but has cameras in place of them. While the pictures do show some crucial angles of Model 3 but lack the pictures from the front.

Speculation arose among Tesla followers on social media about what could be the purpose behind this unique setup. The majority of people are saying that this could be Robotaxi testing as this configuration is suitable for driverless vehicles.

People are saying this might be a new set of self-drive hardware put on the test mule Model 3. Who would not need side mirrors? Not humans. Tesla Autopilot or self-driving system will not require them as it would only need some sensors and cameras.

Elon Musk has just spoken about the big Robotaxi reveal in August along with FSD while visiting China. Whether these pictures are hinting at the same driverless Teslas or Robotaxi testing remains uncertain as there are no official statements.

It could very well be just an experimental Model 3 upgrade or something else. Tesla is always doing something quirky and unique.

Update: Recently, another Model 3 Highland spotted with no mirrors and additional cameras, including one on the front bumper.

Camera Setup on Spotted Model 3

Tesla made some interesting changes to the camera placement on this Model 3 refresh. They adjusted the cameras placed low on the front fenders and raised the camera put on the trunk of the EV. The flip-out side-repeater cameras do raise eyebrows, sticking out more prominently than usual, possibly pointing their orientation toward the rear.

But what caught people’s attention more were the two new cameras inside the car, right behind the driver’s seat. They seemed to be pointing out the rear windows. Tesla hasn’t said anything but it could be for the rumored Robotaxi or Cybercab.

It makes sense since smaller cars might need different camera setups and require testing beforehand. Tesla has only a couple of months before the Robotaxi prototype launch due on August 8 and this could just be part of the plan.

No Mirrors Setup for Robotaxi

People found the strange appearance drawing attention because the car didn’t have side mirrors. This straightaway suggests it might use side cameras instead to drive itself.

Tesla fans think side mirrors, and sometimes even rearview mirrors inside the car, aren’t needed. There is a huge divide between Tesla owners saying the pros and cons of no side mirrors. That’s why Tesla made them removable on the Cybertruck.

There was a poll by a Reddit thread where users were asked if they could drive their Teslas using only cameras and shockingly Yes and No both received similar votes.

Can you drive your Tesla using cameras only? No side mirrors.
byu/pjax_ inTeslaLounge

Elon Musk himself shares the same perspective; he did say in 2023 that Tesla’s future vehicles will not have rear-view mirrors.


Everyone in Palo Alto was left baffled by this odd-looking Tesla Model 3 that they saw in the area. Unlike regular Model 3s, this one didn’t have side mirrors but had cameras in strange unusual spots, like the rear windows. The buzz is that this is Tesla testing the Robotaxi setup and using Model 3 refresh to keep it under wraps. What do you think?

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