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Tesla Model Y Juniper Console Leak Highlights New Changes, Contrasts with New Model 3 Upgrades

We have a leaked photo from a Tesla supplier that looks like belongs to the Tesla Model Y refresh. The image leaked on X is making rounds on the platform as users go deep into finding out about the potential Juniper accessory photo.

Many are arguing that it could very well be from Model 3 refresh or for some other model’s upgraded console. While some users say they are sure that this indeed looks like a console from upgraded Model Y.

Let’s talk in detail about what we have sizzling from the leaked photo.

Tesla Model Y Juniper Console Leak

First Picture Of Leaked Model Y Juniper

After a fairly long time, we have some solid leaked updates on Model Y Juniper. We covered in our earlier post how Elon Musk is not looking to launch the Model Y refresh this year. They are busy managing the shareholder’s rollercoaster interest in the company and figuring out Robotaxi. Moreover, the Chinese automakers are nothing short of trouble for Elon looking at last year’s sales.

Originally supposed to come out at the end of 2024, it’s now delayed until early 2025. We don’t know much about it yet, but it might borrow some upgrades from the Model 3 Highland edition. The leaked photo that surfaced on X (earlier Twitter) is showing off some subtle changes to the central console. Have a closer look at the stitching line and cup-holder covers.

One user commented on the leaked picture saying the work on Model Y refresh has been going on for a while now and that this accessory picture is indeed from the automaker’s supplier in China. Several other X users have commented on the leaked console’s photo saying how they cannot wait for the refresh to come.

Is The Leaked Picture Of Model Y Refresh?

Indeed the leaked pictures look like it belongs to the Model Y refresh or Juniper version. The console looks legit Tesla’s part and the origin seems to be a Tesla supplier from China, adding to the credibility of the picture.

For months there has been no clue of Model Y refresh or if there is anything at all being done on its development or production. It’s the first real sign or proof we’ve seen in a while that work on the Juniper model is still underway. The leaked image of the console suggests that things are progressing quietly but steadily.

The leaked picture offers a clear peek into the upcoming Model Y refresh. However, users comment that Tesla doesn’t like people talking about their leaks.

One user also measured the lid-length to storage-depth ratio, finding it to be 1.28 for the “Y” and 1.43 for the Highland proving the leaked console is different than Model 3.

byu/ConfidentImage4266 from discussion

The interior design strongly resembles that of the Model 3 Highland edition, especially noticeable in the hidden cup holder compartments with sliding drawers. However, there are some new touches, like the chrome border around the wireless charging bases. These tiny details probably mean that we’re looking at the refresh version of the Model Y.

When Will Tesla Launch Model Y Juniper?

The Tesla Model Y holds a significant position within Tesla’s EV lineup for several serious reasons. Its dominance in Tesla sales speaks volumes about its popularity and importance.
Tesla Model Y is the most selling EV of the previous year with 1.2 million registrations beating Corolla and RAV4.

An account on X, Tesla Newswire, the one that leaked the photo is hinting at this year’s release. According to them, Tesla would reveal the Model Y refresh in September and launch it in October. Although, there is still uncertainty on if that’s how things are going to go down.

Tesla publicly made it clear that they are not working on Model Y refresh this year and are delaying it for the next year. However, the latest discounts on the current Model Y do suggest Tesla might have some tricks up their sleeves.

Tesla Model Y customers who qualify can get an impressive 0.99% APR for all orders between May 10th and May 31st. It’s a big deal and could be a clever move to clear out inventory before the refresh hits. There could be some truth to the leaked information by the X account though.


The leaked picture is a reminder that Tesla has eyes on everything at once. Tesla sure is going to launch Robotaxi and work on the new cheaper Tesla platform along with troubles with other rising automakers. But looks like the similarities to the Model 3 Highland edition are hard to miss, with the changes to the central console.

What do you think of the leaked image?

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