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Tesla Cybertruck Powers Entire Gas Station After Tornado

In a surprising turn of events, a Tesla Cybertruck turns out to be a hero in Houston, Texas, for all gas cars after a devastating tornado. There is this video making rounds on X where one Tesla is powering a gas station in Houston after severe storms and a tornado.

This Tesla truck powered a gas station, allowing drivers of ICE vehicles to refuel despite all-around widespread power outages. The bad weather left over a million people without power.

In this viral video, one can see a Cybertruck wired to the station and how everything is up and running. Well, irony has its own way of panning out for everyone and this Cybertruck surely reminds of such rare occasions.

Tesla Cybertruck Powers Gas Station

Cybertruck Powers An Entire Gas Station After Tornado

A video online shows a Tesla Cybertruck powering a gas station after a tornado hit Houston.

The area was struck by severe storms, and even an EF-1 tornado was confirmed near Cypress. The bad weather turned routine life upside down and left over a million people without power.

Some people were skeptical though thinking the Cybertruck couldn’t power the station for long. Many praised the truck’s owner for helping fellow Texans during a tough time. Some even made comments against saying it was just a publicity stunt.

However, Tesla had no connection to the footage, making it unlikely to be an advertisement. Tesla did not even comment or share the post again from its official account.

The Tesla Cybertruck’s cargo bed is equipped with PowerShare, which allows it to supply up to 20A via two 120V outlets and up to 40A through one 240V outlet. This provides a total of 9.6 kW of power. The Cybertruck can also serve as a backup power source for a home, offering 11.5 kWh for up to three days if energy use stays below 30 kWh per day.

This Cybertruck’s owner claimed it powered his entire home, including air conditioning, showcasing its versatility.

But the Cybertruck wasn’t the only EV helping out in Houston. A Ford F-150 Lightning came to the rescue as well. Ford’s CEO shared a post on X about a family using the F-150 Lightning to power their home after the storm.

“My young family can try and sleep well tonight. [The Ford F-150 Lightning] even ran the microwave,” tweeted Michael Kaler.


As Houston recovers from the storm, the Tesla Cybertruck and Ford F-150 Lightning show how EVs can be valuable in emergencies.

There is this thing that says that Cybertruck is not enough of a pickup truck as compared to its famous gas counterparts. In fact, Tesla has always been at the top of the list of gas car owners to criticize its EVs.

Who knew an electric truck would be helping all the gas cars get fueled? Did you ever think about it?

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