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Tesla Model 3 More Affordable Than Ever: Prices Drop to as Low as $22,590 with Incentives

Tesla Model 3 has seen a remarkable reduction in its purchase price, making it more accessible than ever before. This change is largely attributable to a combination of federal and state EV incentives, which have collectively brought down the cost of this coveted electric vehicle to a point that rivals, and in some instances, undercuts the pricing of traditionally affordable gasoline-powered cars like the Toyota Corolla.

The Tesla Model 3, long regarded as a symbol of luxury and technological advancement in the EV sector, is now within reach of a broader spectrum of the car-buying public. This pricing evolution not only represents a significant milestone for Tesla but also signals a pivotal moment in the automotive industry. It showcases a growing trend where high-end electric vehicles are no longer just a luxury item but a viable, cost-effective option for everyday consumers.

The comparison with the Toyota Corolla, a car known for its affordability and reliability, is particularly striking. It highlights just how competitive the EV market has become, underscoring the potential of EVs to become mainstream alternatives to traditional combustion engine vehicles. This shift in pricing dynamics could be a game-changer in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles globally.

Tesla Model 3 Price Dropped

Tesla Model 3 Is Now More Affordable Than Ever

The affordability of the Tesla Model 3 has been dramatically enhanced due to state-specific electric vehicle incentives. These incentives have led to a significant reduction in the vehicle’s price across various states, making it an increasingly attractive option for eco-conscious consumers. Here’s a breakdown of the reduced prices in select states:

  • Colorado (CO) and Vermont (VT): Tesla Model 3 RWD available for just $22,590.
  • Massachusetts (MA) and Maine (ME): Priced at $24,090.
  • Delaware (DE): Offered at $25,090.
  • Connecticut (CT): Selling for $25,340.
  • Pennsylvania (PA) and New York (NY): Can be purchased for $25,590.

These reduced prices underscore the effectiveness of state incentives in making EVs more accessible and affordable.

Tesla’s Inventory Discount

It’s important to note that these state EV incentives often come with income restrictions, ensuring that the benefits are extended to a diverse range of buyers. Additionally, Tesla is contributing to this affordability trend by offering an inventory discount of up to 10% on the Model 3. This discount further lowers the barrier to entry for potential buyers, making the prospect of owning a Tesla more realistic than ever before.

Model 3 Inventory Discounts

Comparison with Traditional Vehicles

When compared to the starting price of the Toyota Corolla, which begins at $21,900, the Tesla Model 3 RWD presents an unprecedented value proposition. With its advanced features, electric efficiency, and now competitive pricing, the Model 3 RWD stands as a formidable alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. This comparison not only highlights the strides made in EV affordability but also positions the Tesla Model 3 RWD as a smart choice for consumers seeking a blend of innovation, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Upcoming Changes in Federal EV Tax Credit

Looking ahead, potential Tesla buyers should be aware of the upcoming changes in the federal EV tax credit. The current $7,500 credit for the Model 3 RWD and Long Range models is slated to reduce to $3,750 starting January 1, 2024. This impending reduction makes it imperative for interested buyers to consider purchasing before December 31, 2023, to benefit from the full tax credit amount. The window for maximizing these savings is narrowing, adding urgency for those contemplating a Tesla purchase in the near future.


The combined impact of state and federal incentives has ushered in a new era of affordability for the Tesla Model 3 RWD, positioning this advanced electric vehicle within a competitive price range that challenges even traditional, gasoline-powered counterparts. The substantial reductions brought about by these incentives have not only made the Model 3 RWD more accessible to a wider audience but have also underscored the growing viability of electric vehicles in the mainstream automotive market.

This remarkable pricing shift, however, comes with a time-sensitive caveat. With the federal tax credit set to decrease from January 1, 2024, potential buyers are encouraged to act swiftly to capitalize on the current, more substantial savings. The opportunity to own a Tesla Model 3 RWD at these lowered prices is unprecedented, but it is also fleeting, particularly in light of the upcoming changes in federal incentives.

Prospective buyers should consider these incentives as a significant factor in their purchasing decisions. By acting promptly, they can not only benefit from the financial advantages these incentives offer but also contribute to the broader shift towards sustainable transportation. In doing so, they become part of a pivotal movement that embraces innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. The time to take advantage of these incentives is now, as the landscape of EV affordability is evolving rapidly.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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