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Tesla Model 3 and Model S/X Get a Major Update with FSD Supervised v12.3.4 Release

Tesla is rolling out its Full Self-Driving (Supervised) v12.3.4 update which is a part of the 2024.3.15 release, marking a significant enhancement in the autonomous driving capabilities for Tesla vehicles. This latest update is now available for legacy Model S and Model X vehicles without a cabin camera, as well as the Model 3 Highland. This represents a substantial leap forward in Tesla’s quest for fully autonomous driving technology.

Tesla FSD Supervised

Tesla FSD Supervised v12.3.4 Release

The Full Self-Driving (Supervised) system is designed to allow Tesla vehicles to navigate almost any road with precision. It enables the car to make lane changes, navigate around obstacles, and execute both left and right turns, closely following the navigation route set by the driver. This update emphasizes the importance of supervision, requiring drivers and their authorized users to remain attentive and cautious at all times.

Despite the advanced capabilities of the FSD system, it does not transform the vehicle into a fully autonomous entity, and Tesla strongly advises against complacency.

Activating the FSD (Supervised) feature is straightforward: drivers simply need to pull the drive stalk down once. For those preferring not to use this feature, it can be disabled in the Autopilot Settings, ensuring that drivers have complete control over their driving experience.

A notable innovation in FSD (Supervised) v12 is the upgrade of the city-streets driving stack to a single, comprehensive end-to-end neural network. This network has been trained on millions of video clips, enabling the system to learn from a vast array of driving scenarios. This significant advancement replaces over 300,000 lines of explicit C++ code, streamlining the system’s efficiency and decision-making processes.

Aside from the major FSD updates, the 2024.3.15 release also includes practical enhancements for charging in cold weather. When navigating to a charger, the vehicle’s system now automatically starts warming the charge port inlet, in addition to preparing the battery. This ensures that charging in cold conditions is as seamless and efficient as possible, with tips provided for both plugging in and unplugging in frozen conditions.

Tesla’s relentless push towards refining its Full Self-Driving technology, as evidenced by this latest update, highlights the company’s commitment to safety, innovation, and the pursuit of a future where vehicles are more autonomous and roads safer for everyone.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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