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Tesla Prepares to Wow with Model 3 Ludicrous Unveiling on April 20th

Tesla is preparing to unveil a performance version of the Model 3 called the “Model 3 Ludicrous.” This new variant is expected to set new standards for electric vehicle performance and innovation. The Model 3 Ludicrous is rumored to be launched around April 20th, coinciding with an important financial report from Tesla. This upcoming release is generating significant anticipation and excitement within the automotive industry.

Model 3 Ludicrous Unveiling on April 20th

What’s New with the Model 3 Ludicrous?

The latest version of the Tesla Model 3 has received several upgrades and improvements. One of the most notable changes is the addition of Adaptive Dampers for the suspension system. This Continuous Damping Control (CDC) technology allows the suspension to adapt in real-time to the road conditions, providing a smoother and more stable ride regardless of the terrain.

These suspension improvements are a significant leap forward for the Model 3, enhancing both the comfort and handling of the electric vehicle.

Performance Upgrades

In terms of power, the Model 3 Ludicrous focuses its enhancements on the rear motor, identified as the 4D2. This selective boost is a strategic move, optimizing the vehicle’s performance without overhauling the entire high voltage platform. Additionally, the updated model offers drivers the ability to fully disable regenerative braking, a feature that allows for a more traditional driving experience when desired.

European Specs Revealed

Leaks from European certification documents have given us a glimpse into the upgraded specs of the Model 3 Performance / Ludicrous compared to the first-generation Model 3 Performance (M3P). Here’s what to expect:

  • Power: Boosted to 618hp / 461kW, thanks to the updated motors (3D3A / 4D2A), marking a +35kW increase.
  • Torque: Slightly reduced to 688Nm, a minor decrease of 2Nm.
  • Range: The WLTP range sees a slight dip to 328mi / 528km, down 19km from its predecessor.
  • Top Speed: Maintains its impressive 162 mph / 261 km/h, promising exhilarating high-speed performance.
  • Wheels: The base model will feature 20” / 235-275mm Pirelli PZero 4 tires, with an option for 19” / 235-265mm wheels.
  • Weight: The vehicle tips the scales at 4,087lbs / 1,854kg, which is a slight increase of 10kg.
  • Battery: Sticking with its reliable LG NMC 79kWh battery, ensuring no compromise on energy storage.

Looking Ahead

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous is set to usher in a new chapter for Tesla, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of EV technology and performance. With its blend of enhanced power, adaptive comfort, and sleek design, this vehicle is poised to captivate both Tesla enthusiasts and potential EV converts alike.

As the automotive world looks towards April 20th, the anticipation builds for what could be a pivotal moment in the journey towards sustainable transportation.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
Saurav is a distinguished expert in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, known for his in-depth knowledge and passion for sustainable technology. With a particular focus on Tesla, he provides insightful analysis and comprehensive reviews that make complex EV topics accessible and engaging.


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