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Tesla Cybertruck May Undergo Significant Changes, Here’s What’s at Stake

The recent controversy that the design of the Tesla Cybertruck is unfit is gushing the market like a forest fire. This in turn has made people skeptical as to what will happen to the deliveries of the truck. Before we jump to the design errors, let me tell you how it all started.

It is speculative that an email conversation between Mr. Musk with one of his employees started the whole saga of the impracticality of the design of Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck Design Flaws

In the shimmering sheen of Tesla Cybertruck lies a striking paradox, where daring design meets daunting dilemmas. While Elon Musk’s brainchild has undergone production and made its expected entry into the EV world, it’s time to peel back the shiny exterior and expose the underlying issues.

The critics are even calling it a Polygon joke. There is no doubt that the Cubertruck is futuristic in its design but some issues in the design are taking away the true character of the design.

Build Quality Issues

Amidst the fanfare, the biggest problem is misaligned doors and uneven surfaces that will emerge as a nightmare casting shadows on Tesla’s clean, futuristic vision. What was once sleek in digital renders now appears wobbly and unconventional in the car. This fundamental issue threatens to mar the driving experience.

Build Quality Issues

Frunk Fumble

A closer look at the trunk, front trunk, reveals partial lining and missing trims, signaling that it may not be in its final form. This prompts questions about its actual capabilities and whether further adjustments are in the pipeline or not.

Precision Predicament

Tesla’s aspiration for sub-10 micron accuracy may be admirable, but as design expert Adrain Clarke points out, it overlooks real-world factors like thermal expansion and contraction. The precision benchmark, he argues, could pose production challenges.

Crash Course Conundrum

Beyond its polarizing exterior, there’s a practical problem – Cybertruck’s flat panels may not play well with crash and pedestrian impact regulations. These panels can be difficult to stamp and maintain their shape.

Repair Issue

For future owners, dealing with dents might become a nightmare. The angular design makes repairing imperfections a Herculean task, as the stainless steel body can’t be easily painted or touched up. This would mean that the whole body has to be replaced and this yields not only additional costs but reduces the ownership benefits. This can be a big off!!

Baseless Claims

Elon Musk is drawing inspiration from the LEGO design and Soda cans, stating that, “Just as LEGO and soda cans, known for their cost-effective, high-volume production, have set the bar, so shall we.” While Tesla has faced criticism in the past for fit and finish, it’s worth noting that the company has evolved.

Elon Musk LEGO Design Mail

The journey toward excellence has led to improved quality over the years, with Tesla’s latest offerings, such as the Model Y, earning higher praise for their attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Shaky Car Panels

Clarke provided insight into the art of crafting car panels, describing the process involving colossal metal hydraulic presses. He emphasized that these panels inherently possess curves, serving as vital structural support during the pressing phase. However, when dealing with completely flat panels, a discord emerges. These panels, devoid of curves, are prone to unsettling vibrations, presenting formidable challenges in the pressing process of maintaining their intended shape.

The Spare Tire Mystery

The first enigma is a panel in the bed floor, adorned with bolt holes and perhaps a latch. It’s likely concealing a cavity designed to house a full-size spare tire. Practical, right? But there’s a catch – the Cybertruck’s sloped bedsides, narrower at the bottom than the top, could pose a challenge for carrying wide loads. Cornering with such loads might feel like a balancing act. Furthermore, these over-width payloads could stress the bed walls, raising questions about their structural integrity.

The Accessories Conundrum

Inspecting the bed area, you’ll notice an element just below the lighting strips that raises eyebrows. Is it a hinge for the bed cover, or perhaps something else? It’s a head-scratcher. What’s clear is that there don’t seem to be obvious mounting points for accessories like dividers or a bed cap. Tesla has hinted at a motorized tonneau cover, but the full picture remains off hands.

The Loading Challenge

Next up, the tailgate – it stands at armpit height for the average person. While this might not be a problem for everyday use, it raises questions about ease of loading and unloading. With high bed walls that seamlessly merge with the roofline, the tailgate becomes the primary point of access. Tesla has hinted at rear suspension adjustments for loading and unloading, but whether that compensates for limited accessibility elsewhere remains to be seen.

Tesla Cybertruck New Design

The image of two Cybertrucks charging side-by-side outside the Gigafactory in Texas was shared by the factory operator in September. These images can mean that Tesla is cooking something and the redesigning of the Cybertruck could be a reality soon. Let’s see what are some notable changes in the new design of Cybetruck.

2 Tesla Cybertrucks charging outside the Gigafactory Texas

Low Ride Heights

The low-ride heights are like Formula 1 cars, hugging sharp corners with a cool breeze. They’re built for speed, cutting through the air like a hot knife through butter. It’s a smooth ride that lowers the risk of tipping over, but here’s the rub – they’re not great at handling bumpy roads, often leaving your ride with a few scraps underneath.

High Ride Heights

Now, let’s shift gears to high-ride heights, where it’s all about conquering the wild outdoors. Think of it like hiking boots for your truck. Raising the ground clearance gives you the power to tackle rocky trails and uneven terrain with ease.

And here’s where the Cybertruck steps in with its secret weapon – air suspension. It’s not just a flashy feature for the show, but a game-changer. Think of it as a superhero suit for your truck. With air suspension, the Cybertruck can adapt to any situation, whether you’re cruising downtown streets or venturing into the off-road wilderness.

What Is Missing in the Tesla Cybertruck

The finish line is in sight of the new Cybertruck, a few regulatory hurdles stand as immovable obstacles, ensuring that safety and compliance remain non-negotiable.

Crash Testing

Crucial among these is the rigorous crash testing required to earn those coveted safety ratings. Rumors have circulated about the Cybertruck facing real-world encounters that left it with some battle scars. However, the NHTSA, the gatekeeper of crash test ratings, has remained tight-lipped. The Cybertruck’s report card has yet to be revealed, leaving enthusiasts in suspense.

Fueling the Uncertainty

In the digital age, information flows freely, but Cybertruck’s absence on FuelEconomy.gov speaks volumes. This platform, where vehicles are officially registered, still lacks the Cybertruck’s presence. EPA officials have made it clear that a Certificate of Conformity is the key to unlocking this gateway, yet it remains elusive.

As Tesla’s groundbreaking creation inches closer to reality, these regulatory puzzles remain unsolved, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the Cybertruck’s journey to the streets.

Features of Tesla Cybertruck 2023

  • A Symphony of Power: AWD 4 Motor Power takes center stage with the AWD 4 Motor system, propelling you forward with relentless force.
  • The Road Less Traveled: 500 Miles A remarkable range of 500 miles ensures your journey knows no bounds, inviting adventure with open arms.
  • Electrifying Velocity: 250kW Buckle up for a heart-pounding 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds, unleashing the beast within.
  • Master of the Road: Autopilot Experience the future of driving with Autopilot, where technology takes the wheel.
  • Heavyweight Champion: 14,000 lbs This behemoth can shoulder a staggering 14,000 pounds, turning any job into child’s play. In 2024, the automotive landscape evolves, and you’re invited to be a part of the revolution. Get ready for a driving experience like never before!

Thoughts of Industry Leaders

Rivian CEO, RJ Scaringe, isn’t shying away from the competition. In a candid interview with The Verge, he couldn’t help but tip his hat to the Cybertruck, describing it as a product that’s making waves on the global stage. It’s a nod of respect from one industry player to another, hinting at the thrilling battles yet to come in the world of electric vehicles. Buckle up, folks; the race is heating up!


Tesla is gearing up to roll out the long-awaited Cybertruck in the coming months, and while the exact date for a grand delivery event remains uncertain, the prospect of this remarkable addition to Tesla’s lineup is on the horizon. Originally unveiled in 2019 with a slated 2021 delivery, the Cybertruck has faced its fair share of delays, but the moment of arrival is now drawing near.

In the grand narrative of innovation, the Cybertruck shines as a symbol of audacity and ambition. Yet, beneath its reflective surface, it grapples with a slew of challenges that demand attention. As Tesla continues to refine this avant-garde creation, the world watches with a mix of fascination and apprehension, eager to see if the Cybertruck can navigate these design obstacles and truly electrify the automotive landscape.

Varnika Jain
Varnika Jain
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