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How Does Tesla’s Autopilot Work- Tesla Autopilot Hardware Working

Tesla is shaking up the automotive industry and they are taking things a whole level further. the main focus of this post is how the car actually learns to drive and that is pretty much a breakthrough in the automotive industry. The Tesla cars can do many things such as lane keeping on freeways, cruise control, active emergency braking and they can also self-park. They can also support automatic parallel parking where they can automatically go to a garage when you get home. Tesla has recently rolled out a summon feature to let the car come to where you are. The Tesla cars use the ultrasonic sensor which kind of like an insect antenna slowly make its way to you and stop and be ready to go. In future, it will actually go even a step beyond where if you have your calendar turned on it will meet you there.

How Does Tesla’s Autopilot Work

Tesla cars collect data from every other Tesla car to form collective AI network by simply just driving the vehicle on autopilot. Each Tesla drives trains their car when they are on autopilot mode. By doing this, they reinforce driving behavior from the car and discourage unwanted driving behavior. It’s basically a hive mind of Tesla’s, it almost seems like the perfect combination of machine learning and autonomy. Since there are thousands of humans training Tesla’s and all the Tesla’s learn together that makes for a lot of instructional data so all the Tesla’s you get are very good at driving. Elon says that the system should improve every day by updating the driving algorithm. The Tesla car owners are adding approximately 1 million miles of new data every day.

How Does Tesla Autopilot Work

Let’s go deeper and find out how does autopilot work, there are 4 pillars for autonomous driving. The first one is a long distance right our system that can see virtually anything this means sand, ice, dust and other things that the human might not be able to see. The second enabling technology is cameras with image recognition software, the third is ultrasonic senses and the fourth is satellite imagery with real-time traffic. When these systems are all integrated you get a very robust overall system that almost acts like a digital extended safety cushion of technology for your car. It basically follows the movement of another car and takes decision accordingly.

How Tesla cars learn and implement their decision

It’s interesting to know that one guy tested autopilot on rodes with aggressive curves which Tesla does not recommend but still as it turns out, the system is learning how to handle short curves pretty fast. According to that guy when first time he uses autopilot of the car to take a curve at full speed, the car didn’t understand the line and issued to take control immediately after a few times more on this curve with firm pressure on the steering wheel, the car started to learn to slow down first and then take the corner and today the car has no issue taking the curve and it’s definitely learning. It is safe to say what was once thought to be science fiction is now a reality today.

Elon Musk on Autopilot Car Crash, Hacking and AI companies

The caption of the above video-

Reporter- “A bit of it on all autopilot- if the driver says Hey you know what this was supposed to change lanes for me and instead it hit this barrier I want you know I want Tesla to be responsible for this.”

Elon- “Yeah I think what we’re gonna be quite clear with customers that the responsibility remains with the driver. we’re not asserting that the car is capable of driving in the absence of a driver of a sign, that will that will be the case in the difference of what the future like maybe 5 or 6 years from now I think we’ll be able to achieve a true autonomous driving where you could actually get in the car go to sleep and wake up the destination. probably is not there was like 10 years but the rate of improvements in progress or making I think we’ll probably achieve this in 5 or 6 years and as the standard for fully autonomous is pretty much greater than 4, it’s just a conflict that would be enough. but in order to do that you have to have fully autonomous systems, everything’s going to be put on it’s that anyone system breaking does not result in an accident are, you also have to prove that out over the millions of miles of driving.”

This what Elon Musk says about hacking

“It’s not like a cell phone or a laptop you focus on making sure that the correct account or that it’s very difficult for them to be a kind of system-wide hack, who sort put a lot of efforts into that, we have third parties try to attack it and that certain parts of the car at the at the very fundamental level like the drive unit controller with the steering controller have an additional level of security.”

Why Elon has invested in AI companies

Reporter- “do you yourself have invested in some AI companies, why?

Elon- “I invested on those companies to keep an eye on them, I wanted to see how artificial intelligence was developing.”


A lot of people say Tesla drastically overvalued and will vanish with the bursting of the tech bubble. It is true that we are the tech bubble, what Tesla is showing to us is something that cannot be instantly measured innovation. They really are showing a whole new way for an entire century-old industry. and I’d say even though it’s not easily measured that is very valuable. Technology has made the biggest changes in our economy, we should start to take a look at GDP and the productivity numbers differently because they’re not estimating or capturing the impact of new technology. In addition to this, you can now travel anywhere using the supercharges so it’s a great job done by Tesla. It shows how the electric car is the future and the latest efforts to do that by making the rides a safer place.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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