Varnika Jain

Varnika is a devoted writer who focuses on Electric Vehicles. With a passion for sustainability and nation-building, she uses her writing to spread awareness about the versatility and potential of EVs, aiming to create a greener and more sustainable future.


Varnika is a dynamic and visionary EV Writer hailing from Bareilly, India. She believes that the EV Industry has the potential to combat climate change and bring a revolution in the transportation sector. Varnika is dedicated to revolutionizing digital platforms within the circular economy and sustainability. Her passion for research and development in the EV Sector exemplifies her commitment to positively impacting the world.


Varnika’s Expertise ranges from content creation to interviewing pioneers of the EV Industry so that they can share their word with the world and lay a strong footing in the Industry by winning the trust of the people. She wishes to act as a bridge where people feel connected to the industry.

She loves to make videos for EVs and has participated in conferences like the E-Mobility Show of India where she expanded her horizon of the industry.


Varnika’s impact extends far beyond borders, with over 200+ media publications and 1000+ readers. She has garnered recognition from prestigious platforms such as the Kazam EV, E-vehicleInfo, and other reputed companies. Through her exemplary work, Varnika’s writing is to establish a dialogue between the readers and the leaders.

As a seasoned professional, Varnika is helping the sustainability industry to mold beautifully, challenging conventional perspectives, and transforming the narrative from mere obligation to a compelling opportunity for positive change. With over two years of experience contributing to the EV world and more than a year as an EV journalist at E-VehicleInfo, Varnika continues to make valuable contributions to the dynamic field of electric vehicles.

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