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Tesla Chalk Attack with Deep Scratches Sparks Outrage in Chișinău, Moldova

In a recent incident in Chișinău, Moldova, a Tesla vehicle became the center of attention due to an unusual event. The car was found with several words written on it in chalk, sparking a debate over whether this act was a simple warning or an expression of aggressive behavior.

Tesla Attack with Deep Scratches

Tesla Owner Finds Car Scratched

The words written on the Tesla in the image are in Cyrillic script and appear to read “ЧАЭФРАЗЗ”. Translating this directly from Russian doesn’t yield a meaningful phrase. It could be a combination of letters or an abbreviation that isn’t immediately clear in context.

If this is intended to be in another language or uses local slang, it might have a specific or nuanced meaning. However, as it stands, it doesn’t form a recognizable word or phrase in standard Russian.

Context and Consequences

The vehicle owner provided further context, explaining that the car had to be parked for a short time due to a blocked entrance to a parking lot. Despite leaving a contact number and moving the car promptly, the chalk writing incident occurred, resulting in a 500 lei fine and significant repair costs. The chalk left deep scratches that would require repainting to remove.

The owner acknowledged parking improperly for a brief period but argued that this did not justify the vandalism. They emphasized the importance of following the law and not taking matters into one’s own hands. The individual who wrote on the car was later identified and confronted. Initially, they denied their actions but eventually admitted after being shown video evidence. The police were involved, and the responsible person agreed to pay the fine for the damage caused.

This incident is part of a broader trend of mixed sentiments towards Tesla and its owners. Worldwide, there have been several reported incidents where Tesla cars have been vandalized. These acts sometimes stem from environmental concerns, socio-economic factors, or simple disdain for the brand.

Tesla Attack Reactions

Public Reaction

The reaction to this incident has been mixed, with discussions on social media revealing various perspectives:

  • Some clarified that the writing was done with chalk, but it was so deep that scratches remained which would not come off without repainting.
  • Others questioned whether it was done with chalk or a stone, highlighting the severity of the act.
  • Some speculated that the person who did this might have mental health issues, while others disagreed, stating that no sane person would do such a thing.
  • There was also a discussion on the legality of parking in the area, with some providing context that the car was parked improperly but not blocking a vital passage.

Past Incidents

This is not the first time a Tesla vehicle has been targeted. There have been several reported incidents worldwide where Tesla cars have been vandalized or subjected to other forms of mistreatment. Some of these incidents appear to be motivated by a dislike for the brand, possibly stemming from various reasons such as the rapid rise of electric vehicles (EVs), environmental concerns, or even socio-economic factors.

One notable past incident involved a Tesla Model 3 in the United States, where the car was keyed by an unknown individual. The car’s built-in cameras, part of the Tesla Sentry Mode, captured the act, leading to public outrage and legal consequences for the perpetrator. Another incident in Europe saw a Tesla vehicle being spray-painted with derogatory messages, highlighting the hostility some people have towards the brand.


The recent chalk-writing incident in Chișinău raises questions about the motives behind such acts and the broader societal attitudes towards Tesla and electric vehicles. Whether viewed as a simple warning or an aggressive gesture, it underscores the mixed emotions that Tesla vehicles can provoke.

As the popularity of Tesla and other electric vehicles continues to grow, it remains to be seen whether such incidents will decrease or become more prevalent. In the meantime, Tesla owners and enthusiasts remain vigilant, often relying on the vehicle’s advanced security features to protect their property.

Saurav Revankar
Saurav Revankar
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