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Tesla’s Exclusive 148 HP Model 3 Hits Singapore Streets at $70K

Nowhere you find a slower Tesla Model 3 with purposely lowered power output but in Singapore and Turkey. Why you’d ask? Well, such is our global automotive market where the automaker would do all that it takes to bring down the price of the vehicle.

And how would they do that? By toning down the powerful beast Model 3 in Singapore and Model Y in Turkey. Tesla has curtailed the power output of its popular Model 3 to just 148 horsepower in Singapore. Tesla put a similar restriction on the Model Y in Turkey capped at 213 horsepower.

Tesla’s decision to limit the power of its Model 3 and Model Y in certain countries might seem confusing at first. However, it shows how the company is cleverly adapting to different local laws and market needs. Here’s what we all know about this interesting news.

Tesla Model 3 148 HP

148 HP Tesla Model 3 In Singapore

Tesla is offering a power-limited version of the Tesla Model Y in Singapore. The toned-down RWD is an exclusive version of Model 3 where the power is limited to 110 kW.

To buy a vehicle in Singapore one needs to obtain a CoE letter or certificate of entitlement. The buyer has to bid for the CoE and then buy the desired vehicle according to their certificate.

The problem with this certificate is that this CoE is actually costlier than the car itself. There are two categories of CoE, category A for vehicles less than 110kW and Category B or Category E(open) that exceeds 110kW.

Slower Tesla Model 3 110kW Specs

This special version of the Model 3 is an RWD with power limited to 110kW (148hp) which makes it easier and cheaper for owners to get a Category A CoE instead of a Category B one.

No change specs:

  • Range: 513 km (no change)
  • Top speed: 201 kph (no change)


  • 0-100 kph: 8.6 seconds (2.5 seconds slower)
  • Price: $69,300 ($500 less)

Slower Tesla Model Y in Turkey

Turkey has a slower Model Y available for purchase for the same reasons as Singapore. In Turkey, for example, the 159 kW Model Y RWD can be priced up to 50% cheaper than if it had 160 kW or more. Turkey’s tax on traditional cars is at least 80%, but for EVs, it’s 10% to 40% depending on their power and price.

The 159 kW Model Y falls into the 10% tax category. The small power limit lets Tesla offer the Model Y for much cheaper with just a software change.

Why Slower Tesla in Singapore?

To promote more EV sales the authorities in Singapore have raised the limit from 97kW to 110kW. This means that EVs with up to 110kW (148hp) can qualify for the cheaper Category A COE, making them more affordable.

For instance, the recent COE bidding results show that a Category A COE costs about $68,600, whereas a Category B COE costs about USD 77,000, resulting in savings of around $8,400.

Other brands like Hyundai and MG are too jumping on the slower specs wagon by offering detuned versions in the Singaporean EV market. Hyundai Ioniq 5 Prestige comes with 107kW and MG ZS EV pushes out 99kW output.

Would You Buy a Slower Tesla Model 3?

There should not be a big problem with this. Many brands show off their fast 0-60 mph times and strong power in ads. But even EVs with 110 kW or less are often faster than similar ICE vehicles.

Electric motors give instant power, making EVs feel very quick, even if their 0-60 mph times don’t seem as impressive. The power drop for the Model 3 RWD is big, making its 0-62 mph time 8.6 seconds instead of 6.1 seconds. But this helps Tesla fit its popular cars into lower tax brackets for less powerful vehicles around the world.

Another X user Greentheonly shares about the firmware “soft performance limit” making this all possible.

Surprisingly the regular RWD costs about $371 less even with the reduced power and the works. But it is the effective ownership including the CoE that brings the actual price difference making it a smart decision to buy a slower Tesla Model 3.


Tesla’s intelligent move to limit the power of its Model 3 and Model Y in Singapore and Turkey shows how smart they are at handling different tax rules. Even with less power, these cars still perform well because of the instant power but for cheaper prices. This helps Tesla stay competitive and makes electric cars more affordable for more people. What do you think?

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