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Lucid Air is going to have killer EPA range of over 500 miles

Lucid Motors, an electric vehicle manufacturing company based in California had recently teased its first-ever electric car called Lucid Air. The company dropped a big detail about the AIR, its range; it has an EPA-rated range of over 500 miles on a single charge, this figure was released as per an independent test.

Lucid Air is going to have killer EPA range of over 500 miles

Lucid Air is going to have killer EPA range of over 500 miles

Peter Rawlinson, CEO of Lucid Motors was interviewed by Electrek a few months ago. In the interview, he spilled the beans about a few details that will be there his car which is going to be unveiled to the public next month. Lucid Air being a competitor to the Tesla Model S has a herculean task on its shoulder. If Lucid is planning to take a swing at Tesla, the Air better put out some big numbers on its brochure, Mr. Rawlinson made a bold statement regarding this when he said the Air is going to set a new standard of efficiency for EVs, he claimed that the car will have a range of over 400 miles on a single charge.

The CEO words wasn’t just a marketing talk to create a hype, Lucid has now released the results of an independent test of the Air based on the EPA test cycle and according to this, the air has a stellar range of 517 miles. This figure is much greater than any of Tesla’s models that are currently in production, not just Tesla but also greater than the range offered by almost any other EV that is sold currently.

The 500+ miles of range

According to a press release that said This new benchmark range was secured with FEV North America, Inc. in Auburn Hills, Michigan, applying the EPA’s Multicycle Test Procedure (SAE J1634 Oct 2012 Standard) with the standard adjustment factor. The results confirm that Lucid Air is the longest range electric vehicle to date.”

The CEO commented on this impressive result, he said “I’m delighted that the Lucid Air has been independently verified by FEV to achieve an estimated EPA range of 517 miles, and that this landmark in the history of EV development has been achieved entirely through Lucid’s in-house technology. I believe that our 900-volt architecture, our race-proven battery packs, miniaturized motors and power electronics, integrated transmission systems, aerodynamics, chassis and thermal systems, software, and overall system efficiency has now reached a stage where it collectively sets a new standard and delivers a host of ‘world’s firsts.’”

Lucid Air is going to have killer EPA range of over 500 miles
Credit – electrek

Lucid has really thrown in every weapon at their disposal on this car, this car has the potential to take the EV world by storm by setting new benchmarks and practically sending a few of its competitors back to their drawing boards. Mr. Rawlinson is clearly overjoyed about these results. The company’s cutting-edge innovative incorporation of technology has shown its results, proving that it was money well spent. Besides being the EV with the longest range, the company was focusing also said that the Air’s powertrain is capable of working on a 900V system, this is the highest EV voltage till date. Lucid seemed to have adopted the ‘Go big, or go home’ mantra with the Air.

Mr. Rawlinson even says that the new range of 500 miles was achieved with a smaller battery pack; he stated “Range and efficiency are widely recognized as the most relevant proof points by which EV technical prowess is measured. A few years ago we revealed our alpha prototypes of the Lucid Air and promised over 400 miles range; a reflection of our technology at that time. In the intervening period, we have achieved a series of technological breakthroughs, culminating in an unsurpassed degree of energy efficiency. I am therefore pleased that we have consequently achieved an estimated EPA 517 miles of range today whilst also significantly reducing our battery pack’s capacity, thereby reducing vehicle weight and cost, and improving interior space. Such exceptional efficiency, achieved through in-house technology, is undeniably a measure of a true EV tech company.”


The car’s energy capacity pack hasn’t been confirmed as of now, however, the company had mentioned something about the car having 130kWh capacity; we cannot go by this as the car is still in development. The production version will be unveiled on September 9 along with the Air’s much-awaited spec sheet.

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