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Lucid Air to give Tough Competition to Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan with Killer Aerodynamics

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The electric motor segment is already distinguished by Tesla by the technology it uses. With unique features out of the box, Tesla has been on the top of the game. The latest entrant Lucid has upped the game now. The car companies are trying their best to give Tesla a run for their money. Tesla is already great, hi-Tech product, it’s disruptive and it’s beautifully engineered but it doesn’t really look like a true luxury vehicle. Luxury space in the automotive market is dominated by a few manufacturers that treat luxury in their cars for their passengers as equally important as the technological advancements.

Lucid Air to give Tough Competition to Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan with Killer Aerodynamics

Lucid Air to give Tough Competition to Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan with Killer Aerodynamics

“Aerodynamic efficiency plays a key role in achieving world-beating range and performance and is particularly valuable to an EV in that it provides ‘smart range’ independent of battery pack size. So naturally, we intensively focused upon aerodynamics throughout the Lucid Air’s development. Our aero team worked seamlessly with design and engineering counterparts, establishing aero efficiency as a core tenet of Lucid Air from its very inception, enabling us to achieve this new standard,” Rawlinson said.

The Lucid Air will be digitally unveiled where its pricing will be declared on Sept 9, 2020, that will go higher than $100,000 as it’s a luxury player. Having mentioned luxury, giving a fair idea of the standards in luxury, it can be compared to a Mercedes S Class. This way the Lucid Air definitely beats the Tesla Model S (In luxury) which will be its direct competition. Although many call it a Tesla killer, Rawlinson says that along with Tesla it is expected to coexist.

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The first production car is set to deliver in 2021, It will build at its new production facility. Thanks to a $1-billion investment from the Middle East, pushing the vehicle in its final production form. The new factory is currently being built in Casa Grande, Arizona, Upon completion of the factory, the company plans to start building the first pre-production prototypes, before 2020 ends. Rawlinson mentioned that the Air sedan will have a 900V architecture, which is even more than the Porsche Taycan.

He said that powertrain has evolved over time since the first Lucid Air prototypes were revealed.

Things to Know About the Lucid Air

It is basically a high-performance luxury saloon costing around $100,000, it is astonishingly fast and very posh. Lucid Motor is claiming that Lucid Air is going to be the first true luxury electric vehicle. The miniaturization of the electric powertrain. They strived to make the hardware smaller, lighter and smarter. The Lucid air also uses super high voltage, while Tesla Model 3 uses 375 volts battery as compared to 800 volts and 900 volts of the Porsche Taycan and the Lucid Air, respectively.

Lucid Motors Drivetrain

The benefits of this car are fast charging, better running and better battery pack. The Lucid Air runs at about 4 miles per kilowatt-hour. It made 400 miles run from SanFrancisco to L.A. on a single charge. Among other benefits of the car, The clever drivetrain is that the battery and the motor are so cleverly packaged that allows the car to give the maximum space in the inside than it seems on the outside. The boot in the Lucid air unlike the hatchback body like the Tesla it gets better body structural rigidity making it stronger.

Lucid Motors Drivetrain

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Because of Lucid’s cutting edge battery technology, Formula E cars achieved full race distance for the first time. With everything in favor, the only thing is against the Lucid air is it was planned to be launched in 2018 but for some reason, Lucid delayed the launch and it is scheduled on September 9, 2020.

Lucid Air Features

Showing off some of the car’s cooler features which are the vehicle’s leather-upholstered backseat, the reclining mechanism controlled by a touchscreen panel that curves out from the armrest at an odd angle. The vehicle offers three different seat settings: upright, slightly reclined and fully reclined. The Air’s unique windshield-sunroof hybrid can be properly viewed by fully reclining in the backseat.

Lucid Air Features

Lucid Motors’ combines ultra-luxury with cool gadgetry. Three digital screens along with the steering wheel make the driver feel submerged in technology. The left-hand screen contains different menus to scroll through. The right-hand screen controls function like navigation and music. The center screen features allow the driver to toggle between a bunch of futuristic backgrounds. A retractable touchscreen is under the center console, along with traditional buttons for heating and air conditioning.

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