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Watch this 5-Star safety of Tesla Model S proven in scary 18-wheeler accident, Passengers survive

Tesla’s world-renowned safety record was put to its ultimate test when a Model S sedan was completely wrecked following a collision with an 18-wheeler. The car was mangled beyond recognition, however, despite this horrific crash the two occupants inside escaped from this seemingly deadly crash with only a few injuries.

5-Star safety of Tesla Model S proven in a scary 18-wheeler accident, Passengers survive

The incident was shared on Reddit by a user u/quarm813, he shared photographs of his Tesla Model S P90D on Sunday, August 9 to the subreddit called r/TeslaMotors. This gruesome crash actually occurred last month on July 31st according to the person who posted this incident.

A YouTuber-Rich Rebuilds shared a video of the crashed Model S on his Twitter,

The Crash

According to u/quarm813, his Tesla was using its famed Autopilot while driving on the highway. When he was cruising through the fast lane, the enormous 18-wheeler swerved into the fast lane right onto Tesla’s path. The driver of the Tesla did some emergency maneuvers in order to avoid being crush by the trailer, but it was too late. Quarm said,

“I grabbed the wheel and tried to avoid the 18 wheeler, The rear guard rail on the 18 wheeler caught the front of the car and cut the entire driver-side off. The only way I can explain it is it looked like it was done with a lightsaber”.

And judging by the video shared, that’s entirely plausible, an entire section of the electric car has been sliced off.

Quarm indicated that they had suffered a severely broken arm that required multiple surgeries to repair. But he was more worried about his daughter who was present inside the car, she was asleep during the time of the accident. Sadly, even his daughter was unable to escape without any injuries, she suffered a few cuts on her leg, “My daughter was asleep in the rear seat. She got six stitches in her knee”, quarm said on a Reddit posting.

The magnitude of this crash could be seen from the photographs that quarm shared with the r/TeslaMotors community.

Off goes a Tesla, another one swoops in!

Post the accident, his car was written off as a total loss and he said that he was in the process of buying a brand new car, We think he was overjoyed with Tesla’s safety, as he is planning to replace his Tesla with another Tesla, however, he was undecided between a Tesla Model S P100D or a Model Y. Ultimately, Tesla helped deliver the new electric vehicle to Quarm while he was still in the hospital, this is really efficient of Tesla.

“Did you know that Tesla will do a contactless delivery to the hospital? Tesla delivered a 2020 Y to the hospital for me”, he said.

Even before reaching at a hospital, quarm had placed his order on his replacement car, and Tesla had managed to get the vehicle delivered ASAP, this was necessary because they had no way of getting back home after receiving the medical attention to their injuries. Due to Tesla’s online showrooms and car bookings, it wasn’t much of a hassle for quarm.


The survival of the two passengers is proof that Tesla Model S is one of the safest vehicles you can buy, this safety record is not just limited to the Model S, but all Tesla vehicles are renowned for their safety, the Model X is one of the safest SUVs in the world. Crash safety tests from the NHTSA have given the company’s flagship luxury sedan a five-star rating in Overall Safety, Frontal and Side Crashes, and Rollover protection, this firmly places the Model S as a class leader in safety.

The main focus of the crash is that if it was any other car, the chances of their survival would have been pretty dismal. Tesla vehicles have saved many lives over the years, this one however might as well be “the cherry on a really safe top”.

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