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Latest Batch of Tesla Model S Refresh Vehicles Spotted Leaving Factory – Deliveries Expected Soon

Tesla is rolling out the refreshed Model S vehicles at a fast rate. Having introduced the newly refurbished design for the Model S and Model X in January, the deliveries are just a few days away, according to the automaker. There are reports of many batches leaving the Fremont factory in the past few days, and experts predict that deliveries will begin soon.

Tesla updated the premium end models in their lineup, with new interior and exterior design and a new powertrain as well. Of course, at the time of launch, Musk had said that deliveries will begin in a few weeks. That meant deliveries would begin in February, but they have delayed it well into March now.

Tesla Model S and Model X Refresh

The design refresh saw a slight change in exterior design and plenty of changes in the interior. They added a new touchscreen for the rear seats and also changed the shape of the front touchscreen. The operating system now has immense gaming capabilities too. And of course, who can forget about the steering yoke? While the yoke may seem like a surprise, if you browse through Musk’s old tweets, you can find some indications towards the same.

Moving onto the powertrain, Tesla has made some fundamental changes there as well. The Performance variant has been removed and replaced by the Plaid variant. There is also a Plaid+, which Tesla will launch late in the year. Costs have gone up too, as the Plaid now costs $119,900, compared to Performance’s $99,900.

Recent Updates About Model S Deliveries

A few weeks ago, Musk sent out an email to his employees in which he said that the automaker was still retooling the Model S/X production lines but it was “almost done”.

Model S/X production lines are almost done with the retooling and will be aiming for max production next quarter. There is high demand, so we are soon going to need to go back to two shifts. Please recommend friends for recruiting.

There have also been spottings of the Model S vehicles in and around the Fremont factory, but Tesla was yet to send out deliveries. Now, finally, vehicles are moving from the production line towards dealerships. Fans spotted trailers moving out of the plant, filled with Model S vehicles. This could indicate that deliveries are just around the corner. Maybe Tesla will start deliveries just before the quarter ends.

Sales of the two vehicles had dwindled in the past few years. The refreshed design is expected to breathe life into the sales of Tesla’s premium models. The two higher-end models have been ignored a bit over the past few years, with Tesla focusing on Model 3 and Model Y, which continue to sell like hotcakes. As evident from Musk’s email though, demand seems to be quite high. Tesla hasn’t required the double-shift at the Fremont factory in quite a bit of time, so these are encouraging signs.

There have been reports of trucks full of new Model S vehicles on the highways across the country as well. So the demand definitely seems to be on a high, and production has also received a boost. Seems like Tesla may end this quarter on the high of beginning Model S deliveries after all.

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Mihir Tasgaonkar
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