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Apple’s Next Big Thing? Insider Sources Confirm Porsche Collaboration for Mysterious ‘Apple Car’

The most awaited EV definitely is the Apple Car for every tech lover. Call it Project Titan or iCar or whatever, but all the rumours and updates about updates on it are taken a bit more seriously always.

Several experts have been saying that an actual prototype of the Apple Car, or iCar, has been in the works for a while now. And with recent meetings between Apple and Porsche, it seems like the iCar could finally be on its way.

Porsche, the iconic German-based luxury sports car manufacturer, recently had a meeting with the technology giant Apple to discuss joint projects. According to Porsche CEO Oliver Blume, nothing concrete was decided during the get-together but they did have fruitful talks. The two companies remain in contact and continue to explore possible avenues of collaboration.

The Apple Car is said to be Apple’s next big product. The company is able to offer better integration of hardware, software, and services than its competitors in the automotive market. This gives them a big advantage and could make the Apple Car a definite success.

Whether or not this car will ever see the light of day remains to be seen, but it’s certainly an interesting project that many are keeping an eye on.

Porsche & Apple Working Together

Apple Car

Rumours of Apple’s self-driving car referred to as “Project Titan,” have been swirling since 2015, and it is believed that the company is targeting a launch date in 2025.

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the company’s work on autonomous driving software in a rare candid moment in June 2017, offering the clearest public confirmation that Apple is indeed working on such technology. While the tech giant is generally tight-lipped about its future plans, regulations around car safety and autonomous driving make it harder to stay silent about the progress of the innovation.

Tim Cook said:

“We’re focusing on autonomous systems. It’s a core technology that we view as very important. We sort of see it as the mother of all AI projects. It’s probably one of the most difficult AI projects actually to work on.”

Multiple reports indicate that Apple executives have already begun negotiations with various companies to secure supply deals for batteries and other components necessary for the car’s production.

It appears that Apple is making significant progress toward its goal of revolutionizing the automotive industry with an autonomous vehicle, and it may be possible that its partnership with Porsche will open up new possibilities in terms of technology and engineering.

Apple is continuing work on its physical vehicle project, with deep integration expected with iOS. The goal is to price the car at under $100,000, and it will feature an Apple-designed chip. Moreover, the traditional vehicle design will have limited self-driving capabilities that are only usable on highways.

At the outset, Apple had ambitious plans for its new Apple Car project. The company wanted to develop a revolutionary vehicle with fully autonomous driving, and no need for pedals or steering wheels. After several years of work on the project, however, Apple has realized that such a vehicle is not currently feasible.

What we know about Apple car so far:

  • Code name Project Titan
  • Semi-Autonomous EV
  • Tentative Price $100,000
  • AI-driven
  • Apple designed chip
  • Original design with no steering wheel or pedals
  • More conventional designs now

According to Bloomberg, Apple has scaled back its ambitions for the project and is now focusing on more practical matters. The end goal is still unknown, but one thing is certain that Apple won’t be launching any miracle car where the driver sits back and just enjoys the ride.

So, no flying iSoucer from Apple is in pipeline from the iPhone makers!

Porche & Apple Car

Porsche and Apple have been linked to a potential collaboration on an autonomous vehicle, with reports suggesting that they have held several meetings in recent times to discuss the possibility.

Reports have suggested that Porsche and Apple have held several meetings to discuss the potential of a joint venture for an autonomous vehicle. Initially, these rumours were denied by both companies, but Apple was then reported to be in talks with Austrian startup company Drive.ai regarding the development of an iCar project.

Porsche has been a leader in the electric car market since its debut of the Taycan in 2019. The car was met with rave reviews and also set a speed record on a cross-country trip in the U.S. which shows that Porsche doesn’t need Apple’s help to make premium electric vehicles.

In addition to that, Porsche has already integrated Apple’s software and services into its newer models, such as an Apple Music app with time-synced lyrics, and an Apple Podcasts app that works with Porsche’s voice assistant. This shows Porsche is more than capable of maintaining its reputation as an innovator in the industry, even without Apple’s input.

Updates From Apple On Project Titan

Apple has been rumoured to be working on the development of their own car since 2020, and Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, claimed that the launch of the Apple Car could take until 2028 or later due to negotiations with automotive manufacturers.

However, in November 2021, Apple revealed that they have set an internal release target for 2025. It is believed that this new plan eliminates external partnerships and involves shouldering the entire production process alone. Although there are no guarantees of success and there is some flexibility in the timeline if development takes longer than expected, 2025 is the current goal for release.

For the last few years, some of the best engineers and developers from California have been hard at work on an ambitious project known as “Apple Car”. Little is known about this highly anticipated electric and connected car, but reports suggest that it is going to be a revolutionary product when it finally hits the market.

Apple is pushing forward on its autonomous car project, led by two of the company’s most experienced and respected AI experts. John Giannandrea, Apple’s chief of machine learning and AI strategy, is heading up the project, while software engineering expert Kevin Lynch (known for leading development on the Apple Watch) has also joined the team.

With a wealth of experience between them, it is said that they are largely responsible for Apple’s push toward an autonomous vehicle. Under Lynch’s guidance, the project was scaled back to something more practical and feasible for launch this decade.

With so much secrecy surrounding it, we can only imagine the level of innovation and technology that will go into making it a success. And we hope that it happens for real!

Big Brands To Partner With Apple?

While neither company has officially confirmed the partnership, it is believed that Apple would benefit from Porsche’s expertise in automotive manufacturing, while the German carmaker could gain access to advanced AI technologies from Apple for self-driving cars.

It is also possible that other third-party companies could join the collaboration in order to provide additional technology and services.

Porsche has turned its back on the Volkswagen/Audi corporate EV architecture and decided to build their own platform. Called the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture, they have been trying to persuade their higher-ups that building top-tier Audis and Bentleys off of the PPE would be more beneficial than using the ID platform, a platform that is already very well-regarded in itself.

The PPE promises to offer faster acceleration and more responsive handling, making it a great choice for those seeking luxury performance from their cars.

Porsche’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture promises to deliver faster acceleration and more responsive handling than the ID platform, which was initially created by Volkswagen/Audi.

PPE features cutting-edge technology that allows for better energy efficiency, improved performance, and higher levels of connectivity, all important things to consider when considering a luxury vehicle.

PPE has been designed with customization in mind. It can be tweaked to accommodate different driving styles and needs, making it ideally suited for those who want a car that delivers on a range of criteria.

Rumours have been swirling that Porsche, the luxury sports car manufacturer and a subsidiary of Volkswagen, maybe spinning off in a Tesla-style all-electric IPO. With Apple reportedly in talks to partner with the company on their new autonomous vehicle project, some analysts say this could potentially create substantial value in Porsche’s standalone brand through a more publicly accessible market.

The speculation is further fuelled by never-ending murmurs of Apple potentially buying out the whole company outright. We’ll have to wait and see how these rumours play out but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

What To Expect In The Future?

Reports point to a possible collaboration between Apple and Porsche for the production of an all-electric vehicle, set to begin in 2025. The project will reportedly be helmed by Manfred Harrer, former vice president of Porsche chassis development, whom Apple hired not long ago.

If the deal goes through, this could prove to be one of the most remarkable collaborations in history – combining Apple’s technological expertise with Porsche’s renowned automotive prowess.

Although the exact scope of Apple and Porsche’s collaboration is yet to be confirmed, there is speculation that the two parties could be considering a range of projects related to autonomous vehicles. It is possible that they could be looking at integrating existing in-car technologies into future Porsche models, or even developing advanced self-driving features that could revolutionize the industry.

With both companies having extensive experience in engineering and AI development, it is likely that these discussions have gone beyond a simple partnership and are instead exploring ways in which they can combine their research to bring about new possibilities for driverless Apple cars.


It makes a lot of sense for Apple to partner with Porsche. By doing so, they could avoid having to do a lot of the development work and expense associated with creating a car and autonomous technology. This would allow them to come to market by 2025.

It seems clear that the automotive industry is going through some exciting changes, and as a result, car manufacturers are looking for unique collaborations to stay on top. One of the most interesting has been Dacia and Dollar General teaming up to bring Romanian budget motoring options to U.S. soil.

On the other hand, Nike has used its iD personalization program to create a buzz about bespoke options for VW’s new I.D-badged electric minivan. But who knew this collaboration trend would extend beyond fashion and footwear?

We want to know who do you think needs to DM who for their next major collab? Let us know your views on the Apple Car in the comments!

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