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Ford F-150 Lightning Launch Strikes Thunder In EV Industry, Can Charge Tesla: Ford CEO

Ford enjoys a stable fanbase with its powerful pickup trucks and vehicles. The recent launch party for Ford F-150 Lightning at the Ford Rouge Vehicle Center Factory. Ford planned the F150 Lightning pickup EV to come with a target of 563 horsepower initially. However, now the EV would boast a significantly higher 580 horsepower with an extended range battery pack.

The big unveiling of the Ford F150 Lightning assembly on its launch is a clear sign of how Ford is ahead of its competitors a great deal. The Detroit launch event made a huge impact on the electric vehicle market.

Ford as an automotive maker is still struggling with repeated issues occurring in the last few years. Moreover, the sacking of two top executives from the company still leaves a lot hanging on for Ford after the 2019 launch of the Ford Explorer SUV.

Ford F-150 Launch Highlights

Ford’s launch event for the Lightening model of F150 pickup is making the headlines as the automotive company started its importance by comparing it to the Model T.

Jim Farley, CEO of Ford Motors, mentioned candidly how the F-150 Lightning would have bi-directional charging capacity pointing to Tesla car owners. The mention did not go unnoticed by car enthusiasts globally as the CEO did put the word purposely indeed. He demonstrated the features while casually adding, “For your friends that own Tesla”.

The joke targeted at Tesla makes sense as the future use of the charging capacity of the pickup truck looks phenomenal. Ford F-150 Lightning feature to work as a 10-kilowatt smart power plant on wheels could make the EV sector revolutionary with its possible uses in the future to charge other cars.

Ford F-150 Tesla

The event kickstarts with a generation journey of employees of Ford Motors relating it to the brand awareness and acceptance in American households. There is even a clip from the event that mentions Darren Walmer, VP of Ford Electric, asking buyers how they are going to use their brand-new electric truck. One of the holders of the F-150 Lightning reservation candidly mentions he would be trading his Tesla for a Lightning pickup.

Ford is planning to ramp up their EV pickup truck production to new heights with over 150,000 Lightning trucks in 2023 alone. Ford Rouge Facility is going to be their prime selling attraction as the company plans to deliver over 2 million cars every year.

The expansion to the Ford Rouge is going to take some time for now as the target set for 200,000 cars a year is set for before 2026, compounding to about one-third of production globally. Ford Motors plans to capture a 50 percent market share in EVs by 2030 globally.

The whole event is a mix of clips taken from different segments of the production process, including potential buyer reactions to the original ford pickup performance.

Ford F-150 Specs

Ford F-150 Lightning Electric pickup truck presents an incredible set of specifications. However, the truck lacks a little on the front of range limits and towing capacity. Although, we might witness some significant enhancements in coming years on these features.

Ford F-150 seems like a promising pickup truck that would come in four trim options Pro, XLT, Lariat, and Platinum variants. Ford is boosting the pickup fleet with “Built Ford Tough” principles to display the robust performance power of the truck.

Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck would leave buyers to choose from the standard range battery pack and extended range battery pack.

The Pro model of the Ford F-150 Lightning Electric pickup truck is the base model of the fleet starting with a sticker MSRP price of $39,974. The base price excludes the destination charges and other taxes and fees.

The top variant comes in $90,874 with other fees and expenses. Following are the details on model-based specifications:

Pro F-150 Lightning EV Truck

  • Sticker price starts from $39,974 MSRP
  • Dual-electric motors
  • 230 miles standard range battery pack
  • 12-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen infotainment deck

XLT Lightning EV Truck

  • Sticker price from $52,974 MSRP
  • Signature trim front lighting
  • 360-degree camera
  • Cloth Seating
  • Enhanced zone lighting

Lariat Lightning EV Truck

  • Sticker price starts from $67,474 MSRP
  • 15.5-inch touchscreen portrait
  • Ventilated and heated seats
  • Power tailgate
  • 20-inch Signature alloy wheels
  • 9.6-kilowatt power on board

Platinum Lightning EV Truck

  • Sticker price starts from $90,874 MSRP
  • Nirvana leather upholstery
  • Ventilated and heated seats
  • Ford Co-Pilot360 Active
  • Extended range battery pack offering 320 miles range approximately.

How Ford Is Playing Safe?

Ford is playing safe with an absolute average combination of power and performance in the new Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck. GMC Hummer EV is building its way into entering the electric pickup truck race. However, Ford’s electric truck is still miles ahead in the race with its incredible mix of power and play features.

The recent launch event made a huge impact on the electric car market with the coveted market tapping into an electric pickup from Ford with the new age F-150 models. Ford enjoys a giant fanbase with its decades-long champion F-150 pickup lightning models from the company.

Ford F-150 Lightning EV pickup truck is coming with the starting asking price sticker of $39,974. The said price tag is about one-third of Hummer hulk from GMC.

Ford is offering its different models of F-150 Lightning in variants of range-specific models with an option of extended range customization. Furthermore, the recent surge in reservation requests from buyers has now made Ford stop taking new orders. It would be amazing to see how Ford fares with the enormous demand for a pickup truck in near future.

What To Expect In The Future?

Ford definitely is turning some heads by bringing the latest innovative tech-packed pickup electric vehicle on the road with the F-150 Lightning pickup truck. The massive response in booking over 200,000 reservations even before the launch of the EV pickup speaks volumes of the masculine Ford pickup’s popularity.

Ford is indeed going to lengths to create a phenomenal experience for buyers to drive a quality electric vehicle fit for muscle truck level. Ford is targeting a mass buyer base with an entry in electric pickup trucks with the name of their best-selling model. The new booking reservation is now closed on the official handle of the Ford website. However, many potential buyers are still trying their level best to make some amends with the booking and get their hands on the EV pickup sooner than Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Write us to know more about Ford’s take on an electric pickup truck. We too, believe the pickup automotive makers are planning to cater to all segments with the new launch from Ford. However, there is a smooth chance of leading carmakers to surprise us with more potential feature-breaking electric vehicles in the future.

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