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Ford F-150 Lightning Premium Package Is Surprisingly As Competitive As Tesla Cybertruck

Ford recently launched the F-150 Lightning, an electric version of their world-famous F-150 pickup truck. The F-series has dominated vehicular sales in the United States of America for close to four decades now. And with the USA slowly becoming one of the biggest markets for electric vehicles, it makes a lot of sense for Ford to make the electric switch. What may stand a little in their way will be the slightly higher pricing that Ford is thinking about.

Ford F-150 Lightning Premium Package

Ford F-150 Lightning Premium Package Is Surprisingly As Competitive As Tesla Cybertruck

Recent News About Ford F-150 Pricing

A questionnaire shared in a Ford forum recently tried to get an idea about the common features that consumers prefer. It also contained a list of the available variants and their options and pricing. Based on this, buyers of the XLT variant, which is the second-lowest, will have to pay $53,000. But that only gives you 230 miles (370 km) of range. For 300 miles (483 km) of range, you have to opt for the larger battery pack that costs $7,000 more.

Similarly, you have the option for both battery packs for the XLT + Premium Package and Lariat variants. These two variants start at around $57,000 and $68,000 respectively for the smaller battery pack. So the larger battery pack with the Lariat variant goes up to $75,000. In comparison, Tesla offers the Cybertruck (with tri-motor powertrain) with 500 miles (805 km) starting from $69,990.

For the Lariat + Premium Package and Platinum versions, the 300-mile battery pack is standard. But these start at $80,000 and $90,000 respectively.

Are the Costlier Variants Worth It?

Now, if you are shelling out around $80,000 for the second-highest variant of the electric version of a popular truck, you would want some bang for your buck. For the Lariat + Premium Package, you get quite a few features over the lower-end variants.  It comes with a twin-panel moonroof, the company’s BlueCruise driver-assist system, and Phone-as-a-Key features.

However, these are very much comparable with Cybertruck’s Dual Motor AWD variant. That variant will probably have 300+ miles (483+ km) of range, as well as a full glass roof, basic Autopilot, and Phone Key functions. And of course, you get the Cybertruck Dual Motor AWD for $49,990. That is a massive $30,000 less than the Lariat + Premium Package in the F-150.

Federal Tax Credit

So, how many people will be actually willing to pay that much more? Of course, all these prices are before the federal tax credit. In the existing tax credit, Ford customers will get a $7,000 discount for its vehicles. Tesla is not eligible for the older tax credit now, since it has crossed the 200,000-sales mark. However, with the Biden administration looking to renew the rebates for companies who have crossed the threshold (Tesla and GM mainly), there is a chance that Cybertruck customers may get the benefit too.

The $7,000 tax rebate will mean that Ford’s customers will get the larger battery with the credit at the same price as the smaller one without the credit. This may prompt some people to go for the slightly lower variants with the 300-mile (483 km) option.

Our Opinion

The fact that Ford brought an electric pickup to the market meant a big shift towards electric mobility in the United States. One may argue that electric vehicle sales are already on the rise, but Ford trucks’ numbers are massive. However, the pricing, which was supposed to be competitive, may not be entirely that way. Yes, the base variant starts at $40,000, but it doesn’t have a 300-mile option. And as you go further up the list, the pricing rises quickly, but you don’t exactly get bang for your buck in terms of range.

There have been reports of the F-150 Lightning actually having a better range than it shows. This is because this range is the EPA estimated rating with 1000 pounds (450 kgs) of cargo in the truck. So, there could be some hope for potential Ford customers.

There is an argument about Tesla’s build quality and the fact that Ford is a much more experienced automaker. Ford is easily one of the proven truck-makers, while the Cybertruck is the first of its kind from Tesla. So, Ford definitely has the advantage of reputation when it comes to pickup trucks. So does Tesla when it comes to electric vehicles. All in all, this may become a hot rivalry in the months to come, and it will do nothing but good publicity for electric mobility.

Mihir Tasgaonkar
Mihir Tasgaonkar
A mechanical engineer who loves reading and writing about new technologies in the automobile industry.


  1. I have a tesla and can vouch for their build quality. I’ve had things go wrong that never should. They had to replace my glove box because it kept opening. Two new keys because the car won’t detect them…which didn’t fix it. On a USB drive with music select say G and you get everything that starts with a J. Home link antenna is in the front, and the charge port at the rear, so I can’t operate the garage door unless I’m in the garage. Manual fan speed is set back to 1 if you charge it…and the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong on this; the car part of it is great. The problem is that they’re an infant car company and act like it. They just don’t know what it takes to compete on the same level as the Big Three.


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