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CyberLandr Revealed: A New, Innovative, Collapsible Camper For The Tesla Cybertruck

When Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck in November 2019, many people were awestruck. The electric pick-up truck ticked off another segment for Tesla, and it caught the attention of many potential customers. The ‘futuristic’ design attracted so many people that in just one year, Tesla received around 650,000 pre-orders. Now, this electric vehicle has a lot of functionalities, meaning that people will be using it for camping, fishing and similar outdoor trips.

As Tesla gears up for the first deliveries late this year or early next year, there are many aftermarket companies working on accessories. And one of the most sought-after accessories will be a camper. We already know that the Cybertruck will be able to power campers. But dragging campers around can affect your Cybertruck’s driving range or manoeuvrability. Well, a company called CyberLandr has a solution.

CyberLandr: The Collapsible Camper

CyberLandr is a truck camper that joins the Cybertruck in terms of being innovative. The Cybertruck has a bed that is 6.5 feet (almost 2 metres) long. And the CyberLandr fits right into that bed. The collapsible camper can rise up in a telescopic manner, and reach double the height of the Cybertruck.

The expanded view of the CyberLandr

The camper starts at the edge of the lowered tailgate and has retractable stairs. The door slides upward, and there is a solar roof that extends beyond the vehicle. Not only does it provide a shady area, but is also responsible for generating 500 watts of power. The door will be automatic open-and-close using a web app.


The overall interior look is spacious thanks to the large windows providing a lot of natural sunlight. Owners can use the main compartment as a kitchen, office, living room, or bedroom. The kitchen contains a sink with a voice-activated faucet. An invisible induction top is situated on a five square foot porcelain counter, and below it, is a compressor fridge.

CyberLandr Interior
A view of the kitchen

There are two free-standing chairs with pivoting tables. This can be used as an office, with a 32-inch wall-mounted TV for entertainment/work. A StarLink satellite provides high-speed internet connectivity. The setup also includes WiFi connectivity.

The chairs that can be folded into a bed

And of course, you can convert this office into a bedroom too. The chairs fold into a queen-sized bed with voice-activated lighting and climate control. You can also use the app for this. The security system consists of 360-degree surveillance and motion detectors.

CyberLandr bathroom
The bathroom, with a sink, shower and toilet

The bathroom sits on the tailgate of the Cybertruck. It has a recirculating shower with a four-stage filter. The fresh-water tank will be inside the Cybertruck’s under-bed storage, and when combined with the circulation system, allow for 40 gallons of capacity. There is a foldable, compact sink and a dry-flush toilet with a self-cleaning bowl.

How will it affect performance?

CyberLandr is currently working on the final design, but that will be clearer when Tesla releases official dimensions for the Cybertruck. Of course, since it is a collapsible design, it won’t affect drag or air resistance like other campers. The added mass will affect a bit of the performance, with a dry weight of around 540 kg, with another 72 kg added in the wet weight. Cybertruck has a payload capacity of close to 1600 kg, so the mass won’t be an issue. It will, however, reduce the range by around 5%, according to CyberLandr.

Since the Cybertruck can power campers, CyberLandr won’t have a power system. It will draw around 20 kWh from the Cybertruck’s battery, but will also replenish 500 watts through the solar roof.

Installation and Pricing

Cyberlandr is thinking of having a production plant close to Gigafactory Texas. In the future, they hope that Cybertrucks can roll off the production line with pre-installed CyberLandrs. Until then, it will have to be installed separately. The company claims that installation and removal will be easy.

The cost of the CyberLandr will be $49,995, with a $5,000 launch promotion discount. You can reserve one with a $100 deposit. You also have the option of paying a $5,000 deposit and jump to the start of the delivery queue, with an additional $10,000 discount as well.

Our Opinion

A collapsible camper that does not affect the air resistance, or drag, of the vehicle at all? Isn’t that the dream for all camping enthusiasts? Of course, the additional weight will suck off some of your range, and the camping will also be powered by your Cybertruck battery (and solar power too). But the amenities it provides is quite impressive. I mean, a bedroom-kitchen-office combined space and a bathroom, complete with modern technologies and connectivity? That’s seriously attractive. Forget about hauling around a large camper, increasing the burden with limited manoeuvrability and lesser driving range.

The price is slightly on the higher side, costing $10,000 more than Cybertruck’s most affordable single-motor variant. In fact, it costs the same as the dual-motor variant of the much-awaited electric pick-up. And what we’ve seen yet is just a concept – we don’t the practical side of things. While some people may not opt for it, it will still receive a lot of orders, thanks to the innovative design and functionality.

You can view a short clip about CyberLandr’s features here:


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