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Everything You Need To Know About Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo Event

Elon Musk sure knows how to throw an opening party and do things in style with grandeur. Cyber Rodeo Giga Texas event marked the official opening of the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas on Thursday, April 7. Giga factory launch saw thousands of people gathering to attend the Cyber Rodeo Party. The afterparty kept going way beyond midnight at the Giga Texas site.

The event kicked off at 4 PM with over 15,000 invites and immense excitement among Tesla lovers. Tesla was playing videos projected on the walls of the huge Giga factory from hours before the event even started.

Elon Musk made a fashionable entry riding in the first-ever Tesla car, a Roadster, wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses in black color. Musk certainly made an impressive appearance keeping the Rodeo theme in mind.

Elon Musk Speech at Cyber Rodeo

Taking the stage at 9:30 PM, Elon made an official statement about choosing Texas, saying Tesla needed a big space, and Texas fits the bill. He pointed to the Roadster model and said, “We are going to talk about past, present, and future”.

Elon gave a round of applause to his Tesla team to give credit to their incredible hard work and accomplishments. Tesla’s outstanding team made the Gigafactory launch possible in record time by working tirelessly. He added how Tesla proudly captured as much as two-thirds of the electric auto market in America with their cars.

Musk compared the gigantic size of the Giga Texas by putting it on a picture along with Eiffel Tower and Burj Khalifa. The crowd cheered him all through his speech. He even gave a response to the question of how many hamsters would fit the factory.

Elon further added about the production design and Tesla’s new structural battery design at Giga Texas. He pointed out the massive production capacity saying that this factory would soon become the biggest cell factory in the coming time.

The speech continued with Elon discussing the future possibilities along with revealing the Model Y and Cybertruck details. The new Cybertruck prototype supposedly would come with a lot more surprises and new additions.

Elon & Franz Von Holzhausen cyber rodeo

It was amazing to see Elon invite Franz Von Holzhausen to repeat the broken glass window moment with the Cybertruck prototype. However, the duo postponed the hammer trial for later and mentioned how the new Cybertruck is worth waiting for and is even designed with no handles.

Cyber Rodeo Drone Show

The Cyber Rodeo drone show deserves a special mention for how effortlessly the whole drone show was executed at the ceremony. Drones lit up the sky forming mesmerizing designs with twinkling lights.

Cyber Rodeo Drone Show

The celebrations started with a Cyber Rodeo sign made by the drones in the dark sky to pop up the name of the factory “Giga Texas”. The drone show at the brand-new Tesla factory was massive and gave hints of everything dear to Elon Musk, to say the least.

From structural battery design to Cybertruck, the drone show put up a fantastic display for the world to see. However, this would not have been a typical Musk event if there was no mention of the meme crypto coin Doge. The firework show kept going following Elon Musk’s speech and gave a spectacular view of the ceremony.

Giga Texas

Giga Texas is a huge automobile factory by Tesla among all six Tesla factories worldwide. Musk mentioned in his speech how crucial it is for Tesla to be able to scale up the production capacity for car models and batteries for all in-house manufacturing.

Giga Texas Structure

Tesla’s team came up with an intelligent design to keep everything under one roof while making a Tesla car from start to finish. The Giga factory is designed quite similar to how a mobile’s chipset or a circuit is designed to keep things in sync.

The Cyber Rodeo event gave an insider view of the Gigafactory of Texas showcasing the long row design robotic chambers. The machine that builds a machine design gives a clear perspective of how cars are made inside.

Giga Texas would be primarily making Model Y and working on the production of 4680 large-cell batteries. Cybertruck production is delayed for now but Musk’s speech seems promising.

Current Model Production

Giga Texas is currently producing Model Y of Tesla and made numerous deliveries of the model to their designated buyers at the Cyber Rodeo launch event. In addition to the Model Y, Tesla battery cell production would be at Giga Texas too.

Structural battery pack production of 4680 large cells would make the cars lighter in the future. Tesla’s electric vehicle design would become more stable as the 4680 batteries can withhold the structural weight of the electric vehicles.

Future Plans

The plans for the Tesla fleet at Giga Texas include the most awaited Cybertruck production launching in 2023. Elon mentioned that the new Cybertruck prototype is part of a future production model at the factory.

Cyber Rodeo Event Highlights

Cyber Rodeo indeed gave a lot of information about the past, present, and future of the Tesla company. Elon Musk ensured the company would keep making sustainable efforts to stay a leader in the electric vehicle market. Following are the top event highlights of the event:

  • Huge factory bigger in size than Pentagon, Giga Texas headquarters launch.
  • Drone show showcasing a beautiful display of the image of Musk, Tesla models, and even Doge meme by drones.
  • Biggest casting machine to single cast front and rear underbodies of Tesla cars.
  • Robotic machine building in machine setup.
  • Model Y in Blue-Black as well as Red & White colors.
  • Made in Texas Model Y delivery.
  • 4680 battery cell production.
  • Cybertruck model production due in 2023
  • Tesla Robot Optimus.
  • Futuristic Robotaxi

What’s Next For Tesla

Musk made it loud and clear that Tesla’s vision to create sustainable and structurally sound electric vehicles is his priority. Giga Texas officiating ceremony speaks loudly of how crucial the new Tesla headquarters are for the company.

Cyber Rodeo gave a keen view of how Elon sees his vision for Tesla. New Cybertruck prototype, Doge, and other future project details have already caused a stir among the masses.

This time around Musk refused to spill all the beans regarding the new inventions and projects at the opening. It would be fascinating to see how sooner Elon Musk comes with the said future Tesla stunners.

Stay tuned for all the action and upcoming details on Cybertruck prototype specs, Tesla Robotaxi, Tesla Semi, 4680 battery cell structure, and Optimus from Tesla.

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