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Lexus Unveils its All-Electric Car with Tesla Model S Inspired Yoke Style Steering Wheel

Lexus is already making headlines with the news of its all-new arrival into the electric vehicle segment. All eyes are set on the unveiling of Lexus RZ450e to be done on Wednesday, 20th April 2022, at 6 AM ET.

The stunning views of the chiseled new electric SUV are sure to turn heads. Based on the e-TNGA platform of Toyota, RZ450e from Lexus is similar to their crossover model.

Toyota bZ4x and Subaru Solterra are similar in size to the new Lexus electric car. However, the new Lexus electric SUV is going to be a more upscale luxurious variant among the three.

Lexus RZ450e Brand New All-Electric Car

The premium carmaker’s venture into the EV market was long-awaited as stated by the company last December, to launch a series of EVs. A sharp focus on hydrogen fuel cell technology and hybrids kept Toyota behind in the race to launch electric vehicles.

Brand new images of RZ450e from the Japanese automaker are sure to give a sheer view of the sharp and edgy design. There seems to be a great buzz among automobile enthusiasts ahead of the big reveal on April 20. Toyota is also going to roll out their EV SUV BZ4x later this year.

Lexus RZ450e Front

The official statement from the company talks about futuristic design and setting a new benchmark in the industry of electric cars. The official statement from the Lexus RZ launch reads:

“Developed under the Lexus Driving Signature philosophy, the RZ is Lexus’s first dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV). It is designed and engineered to set a new benchmark for a premium driving experience, providing the driver with a carefully crafted and close sense of connection with their car, characterized by confidence, control, and comfort.”

Performance of Lexus RZ450e

The electric RZ is going to have a full four-wheel-drive promising a great driving experience along with the new technological nuance additions. Lexus “Direct4” badge on the rear confirms their AWD direction in EV segments.

Branded as Lexus Battery EV RZ450e, is anticipated to use dual motors on the front and rear. The powerful configuration is likely to give over 215 horsepower with more than 221-pound torque like the BZ4x from Toyota.

It might be too early to say about the range of the drive with that amount of power. The driving range would be lesser approximately around 250-300 miles with the added power of the EV motors.

Look & Design

Similar to the sibling model of bZ4x and Subaru Solteraa, Lexus RZ is not quite the size of the SUV. But, the new fully electric RZ is a perfect fit for compact crossover in sizes like an Audi Q4 or Model Y from Tesla. There are a lot of unclear blanks left to fill in terms of the specification of the new Lexus EV. Everything would come to a reveal with the exact size and form details at the first production model launch on April 20.

It is worth looking at the brand-new take on keeping the interiors and exteriors of the EV futuristic yet in sync with the Lexus brand image. The recent images from Lexus give a hint of design tricks with hidden handles, angular bodywork, and cameras instead of side-view mirrors.


Sitting a bit lower on the floor only adds to the freshness of new design elements. The crisp rear light bar is thin, giving a sporty look to the electric Lexus, among other nits and bits. The long bar light perfectly matches the black glass pillar design on the EV.

Big brand names spelled on the rear of the Lexus RZ450e are likely to define the league of new electric cars from Lexus. New images indicate that the revolutionary design could change the face of the electric vehicle market.

Lexus RZ450e rear

Lexus is consistent with its luxurious stand on performance and redefined style. Therefore, the final reveal would allow the company to establish itself in the premium EV markets. This could be a revolutionary EV movement for the premium car maker.


Lexus gave a sneak peek of the interiors to add to the buzz with the yoke design of the steering wheel. The clean lines, chunky hood, and futuristic design of the exterior aerodynamics of RZ are fascinating.

The yoke-style steering wheel puts a new spin on the coveted design of the electric car from Lexus. The pictures of the new Lexus RZ450e sport a well-spread chic console with a huge touchscreen panel.

BZ4x from Toyota offers an optional yoke steering wheel to its buyers. However, it is not clear if the Lexus would follow the suit with the optional choice with RZ450e.

Experts say the yoke design would give more visibility to the controls on the console. The new steering wheel design is advantageous for a big airbag situation with added cabin space. On the other hand, some are unsure concerning the disadvantages of yoke steering wheel grip and functionality.

What to expect from Lexus RZ450e

Model S and Model X from Tesla have already fumbled with the yoke-style steering wheel glory. With that many complaints about the wing shape steering wheel, Tesla had to make it optional. However, Toyota claims to implement a new drive-by-wire system that would make for easier low-speed handling and smoother sharp turns.

Needless to say, electric vehicle cars are glorifying the face of the automobile industry. Lexus’s debut in the fully electric vehicle segment is late but looks substantial and premium. The controversial design of the steering wheel is meant to cause a spur indeed.

Finally, Lexus electric car is arriving with all noise and chatter with their Lexus Battery EV RZ450e. It would be exciting to experience all the new news on the EV with the launch. Stay tuned for more bits on the big reveal on April 20 for official confirmations from Lexus.

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